Metal building homes – modern and eco-friendly home construction

by Kremy

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Metal building homes may differ in style, design and appearance but have some really great advantages when it comes to residential constructions. We shall have a look at the pros and cons of these buildings and see why they are so popular and people prefer them to wood, bricks or concrete. Alloys are widely used as a siding material, metallic roofing and whenever you need lightweight yet solid construction.

Advantages of metal building homes – what do you need to know

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Metal, as a load-bearing structure, has been used for a long time – the numerous shopping malls and skyscrapers are excellent examples. However, the technologies and materials used in these large constructions were not suitable for residential buildings as the material is heavy, bulky and the individual elements are joined by special welding. With the invention of light steel profiles, metal building homes appeared and nowadays these houses are constructed all over the world. Metal works with any other material – stone, glass, wood and in the gallery below you will see contemporary houses where the materials work harmoniously and have amazingly striking appearance. Let’s see the major advantages of metal building homes:

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Strength is probably one of the biggest advantages of metal building homes. The material is extremely durable and has a very long life span. If coated with special primers it is not susceptible to rot or rust.

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Construction time – metal building homes can be carried out very quickly as the main construction is usually pre-fabricated. Many people opt for house kits and all they need is to assemble the structure. Due to the strength of the material, there are no load bearing walls which provides limitless design opportunities and you can arrange the living space to meet your personal criteria, taste and requirements. The most important thing is that the structural integrity of the home will not be compromised and you can have an open floor plan or change the design at the last minute.

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Metal building homes are not afraid of cracks, corrosion and warping, they do need protection from pests and you will never have to worry for the main enemy of wood– termites.

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Metal building homes are environmentally friendly and the material is considered to be “green”. Many manufacturers use recycled steel and even the home itself is recyclable. They also contribute to the preservation of forests and environment.

What are the main disadvantages of metal building homes?

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The high thermal conductivity is a problem. Metal building homes may be difficult to warm and cool. The problem is solved with high quality insulation and it is best if you consult with professionals with extensive experience, otherwise you may get a lot of problems.

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The second major disadvantage is corrosion. Metal corrodes over time and it is a factor that you should keep in mind. Using galvanized steel and performing routine maintenance will delay the process and you will not have problems for decades. The profiles are excellent conductors of electricity, and therefore can be a danger to the inhabitants of the house.

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Despite the disadvantages, modern metal building homes are just as safe as any other residential construction. Last, but not least, such a construction will cost less than building with traditional materials.


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