Unusual architectural solutions – the intriguing Basket Building

by Kremy

Basket Building Longarberger company USA

When you have a dream and the will to make your dream come true, nothing is impossible. And what you see is a dream come true. A peculiar architecture, the Basket Building started with one man, who had a vision and an idea. As unusual as it may look, The Building of the Longaberger Company is a corporate office structure in Ohio, United States.

Basket Building architectural replica of a basket


One of the most thrilling qualities of this unusual structure is the story behind it. The design of the Basket Building began with the founder of the company, Dave Longaberger, who wanted to build an exact replica of his most favourite basket – the Medium Market Basket. Yes, the company of Dave Longaberger is dealing with handmade baskets and they are collectors’ items. It was his belief that an unusual office headquarters is a way to draw attention to the company and help the brand. And it might have stayed only a dream because many experts advised alterations of the initial plan. Dave Longaberger is often quoted for one of his aphorisms: “If they can put a man on the moon, they can certainly build a building that’s shaped like a basket ” and the dream came true in 1997 when the building was opened for business and has been housing the company’ s headquarters ever since.

the longaberger company the basket building construction

The construction of the unique cunstruction began in 1995. The Basket Building is a seven storey structure which houses 500 employees. The design is a perfect replica of the most popular basket model of the Longaberger company and all the details are preserved, even the two handles of the basket are attached to the building. The handles are constantly heated during the winter months so as to avoid ice and snow deposits. The structure covers 25 acres, weighing 8,000-9,000 tons and has a square footage of 180,000.

Longaberger Headquarters in Ohio USA

unusual architectural solutions the Basket Building

longaberger company office building Basket Building

Longaberger headquarters Basket Building

award winning architectural solutions the basket building

the longaberger company in ohio USA the basket building

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