Tiny house construction – a growing trend on the housing market

Written by Kremena Ruseva


Tiny house construction is a growing trend and there are many people who embrace the idea of living without the limitations of mortgages and financial obligations. Tiny house construction is a whole new concept of utilizing living space and come up with original ideas for multi-purpose furniture and creative storage ideas which provide a comfortable living to the owners of tiny houses. One of the big questions that people often ask is – how tiny is a tiny house? It is a matter of opinion, really, as these houses vary in square footage from 65 to 400 square feet.

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The tiny house movement has become a popular social movement where people choose to downsize their living space and have a simpler, more affordable, and more eco-friendly way of life. What does it take to live in a tiny house? Adventurism? Love for freedom? The ability to take your home anywhere and feel at home everywhere? Whatever it takes, the fact remains – more and more people take advantage of this user-friendly solution that requires minimal cost and gives charming and crafty solutions and excellent results. Tiny house construction ideas involve a lot of imagination, creativity and innovative ways to make a small home well equipped, beautiful, efficient and comfortable.


What are the advantages of tiny house construction and living in a tiny house?


Tiny house construction offers many advantages and one of them is that you do not need to own land to construct a small house. Land is expensive, especially in cities which is a major consideration of people who plan to build a home.


The construction time for a tiny house takes between four and six weeks and in addition you save significantly on materials since you need small quantities. Using reclaimed, recycled, re-purposed, and salvaged materials further lowers the cost of a tiny house and in addition your monthly bills will be considerably lower than living in a traditional house. The low cost for construction allows you to invest money in your hobbies, travelling or any other aspect of your life.


One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of living in a tiny house is the ability to drive it to a new location whenever you want without worrying for hotel reservations and spend money on them. You can decide the level of equipment of your tiny home. Some tiny house owners prefer high-end finishes, others are attracted to more simple materials.


You need less time for cleaning and maintaining your tiny home and finding your things is much easier. The limited space provokes creativity and you come up with original ideas for maximizing both function and style, space saving furniture, etc. What a chance to de-clutter your life!


Super small houses are environmentally friendly. Obviously the energy needed for a tiny home is much smaller and you can opt for rainwater collectors and solar panels which will make you independent in every way. Of course, you could have power and water hookups if you prefer but again, your bills will be insignificant compared to those of a traditional home.

Are there disadvantages in a tiny house living? Of course, you could list a few things that may be considered as drawbacks.


The lack of privacy is one of the main concerns of people who are hesitant about whether or not to opt for a tiny house. You cannot close the door of the bedroom and listen to music or watching TV, reading or relaxing. Noise can be an issue in a tiny house as well, especially if you have pets or small children. You need to compromise on guest entertaining, for example or other activities.


The lack of space can be a problem if you have visitors who need to stay for the night. Obviously, a tiny house does not have a guest bedroom, which means your guests will have to sleep on the couch or a sleeper sofa. In addition, you are limited in storage space which means you have to be careful when you plan household equipment, closet space, etc.


You need a powerful vehicle to tow your XS format house. There is no way to move a tiny house with a standard car, as they weigh quite a lot.


Tiny house construction – what do you need to consider beforehand


Many people are charmed by extra small houses. However, tiny house construction does require careful and thoughtful planning. You need to determine your needs, draw a rough sketch, calculate a budget, find a designer and a builder. There are many decisions that you need to take – what trailer would you need, what type of windows, the size and number of windows, the level of equipment that you want to have in the extra small home and the materials that you need. Think of the roof and siding material, exterior trims, solar panels, plumbing and electrical installations, insulation of walls, floor and ceiling as well as wall finishes for the bathroom area. In addition you need to carefully calculate the size of appliances like fridge, stove, sink, toilet as well as furniture. Finally, think of the interior design and style of your home – color scheme, fabrics, home accessories and decorations.


The good news is that it sounds like a very complex and exhausting undertaking, but tiny house construction can be fun, especially if you hire a professional builder, as they have the experience and expertise to help you create your tiny dream home!














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