DIY tufted headboard tutorial and 35 fantastic headboard ideas

by Kremy


Tufted wall panels or a tufted headboard may change the look of any bedroom completely. Made of raw silk, rayon, nylon, cotton, velvet, seagrass or leather such headboards always add a feeling of elegance, style and a touch of luxury. We have collected examples of fantastic headboards and to make it easier for you, you will find a DIY tufted headboard tutorial. There are many types and designs, from elaborate and expensive fabrics, to simple, not too fancy and formal designs.

DIY-tufted-headboard-peacock blue velvet


What is a tufted headboard and how to make one by ourselves? Tufted headboards are firmly padded headboards with buttons or studs which are pushed into the fabric. The two main types of button tufting are diamond tufting and square tufting. Diamond tufting features one row of evenly spaced buttons. The second row of buttons is placed below and in between, the buttons of the first row. The pattern goes on to the bottom of the board and creates the diamond shape. The size of the diamonds will depend on the space between the buttons. Some designs feature long thin shapes, while others are designed with sides of equal-length. The square tufting design features buttons that are placed at equal distance from one another on each row. Square tufted headboards designs are gaining popularity in modern bedroom design and such headboards are usually with straight, clean lines. Both types of tufting share the same principle and you will see it in a step by step DIY tufted headboard tutorial below.


Step-1-diy-tufted-headboard-tutorial pegboard

Step 2 how to make-a-tufted-headboard-tutorial

Step 3 how to make a tufted-headboard-tutorial

Step 4 DIY-tufted-headboard-tutorial step by step

Step 5 tutorial-tufted-headboart-DIY

Step 6 DIY bedroom furniture ideas

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Step 7 DIY-tufted-headboard-diamond pattern


DIY-tufted-headboard-tutorial upholstery needle

Step 8-tufted-headboard-DIY-tutorial

DIY bedroom furniture ideas tifted headboard step by step

how to make a tufted headboard step by step tutorial

DIY tutorial tufted headboard ideas

DIY bedroom furniture ideas tufted headbord tips tutorial

DIY tufted bed headboard ideas tutorial

stylish bedroom brick wall tufted headboard DIY ideas

Traditional, classic, modern looking or vintage bedrooms can be complemented by a tufted headboard idea. Besides the practical qualities of this type of headboards (they are a very good insulation) they can be a strong decoration accent, a real statement in the design and express your individuality and character. Clean lines or elegant curves – this is only your choice. Silk, leather, and velvet are more expensive materials compared to fabrics but the variety of fabrics is so immense that you have unlimited options to choose from.

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DIY tufted headboard tutorial headboard craft ideas

white tufted headboard DIY bedroom furniture

white teen girl bedroom tufted headboard idea DIY

Small red diy tufted headboard bold color accent bedroom decor

small diy diamond tufted headboard design DIY furniture

Modern kids bedroom furniture tufted headboards red

modern bedroom design tufted headboard ideas DIY projects

Modern bedroom brown tufted headboard DIY furniture ideas

Kids bedroom furniture twin beds tufted headboard DIY idea

Elegant design diy tufted headboard diamond pattern

elegant bedroom brown hues tufted headboard DIY ideas

Elegant bedroom velvet tufted headboard DIY idea

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DIY tufted headboard design ideas

DIY-tall-tufted-headboard-contemporary bedroom design

diy-headboard-tufted turquoise accent color

diy-tufted-headboard-ideas modern bedroom design

DIY Bedroom furniture-ideas-tufted-headboard

gorgeous-tufted-headboard-design-DIY ideas









Ideas for headboard tutorial

stylish bedroom decorating ideas

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elegant bedroom furniture and decor ideas



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