Tufted wall panels ideas – elegance and glamor in the interior

by Kremy

tufted wall panels ideas luxury living room interior design white beige

We have gathered some incredible tufted wall panels ideas which look stunningly beautiful, modern and elegant. Wall covering is as important as any other element of the interior design and tufted panels are not something new. However, the tufted wall panels return in the modern design and fit in contemporary interiors gracefully adding a touch of sophistication and style.

 Tufted wall panels ideas in modern homes

tufted wall panels ideas contemporary living room wall covering white panels floor lamp


Soft wall panels are beautiful and versatile and you can see this in the gallery below. Tufted wall panels ideas work very well for any interior design style and color schemes. The panels add comfort to any room, decor and are a magnificent accent which creates a cozy atmosphere. From a practical point of view, they are really design-friendly as the installation is easy and the panels can be attached to the flat surface with a strong glue, or they can be easily fixed to it with the help of a drill. Soft wall panels dramatically change the appearance of the rooms and create a safer, warmer and quieter environment as they have very good insulating qualities and will prevent noise.

Contemporary design and tufted wall panels ideas

modern home theater tufted wall panels ideas red panels sound insulation

Many homeowners who want to change and refresh the interior design and decor in their homes would be interested to look at the tufted wall panels ideas. Modern materials and a wide variety of colors will allow to create spectacular indoor coverings without losing the functionality and the popularity of DIY diamond tufted headboard is quite understandable. The tufted wall panels are perfect for home theaters, media rooms and bedrooms due to their sound insulating properties. In the living room the tufted panels could be the focal point of the interior, especially if it is in a contrasting color which will make them stand out. Wherever used, they will add a regal glamour and a feeling of true comfort and style.

tufted wall panels ideas modern living room black white interior

Modern dining room with elegant turquoise tufted panels

Tufted wall panels modern dining room design focal point


 Tufted panels are perfect for home theaters…

tufted wall panels ideas home theater design sound acoustic

 … or bedrooms

tufted wall panels ideas bedroom design ideas bedroom decoration

A spectacular dining room with tufted wall panels

contemporary dining room tufted wall panels spectacular modern crystal chandelier

elegant bench tufted wall panels ideas decorative pillows

Tufted wall panels living room bench pillows

modern home interior bedroom design

living room design TV fireplace corner sofa

diamond headboard contemporary bedroom

bedroom interior design white red colors

modern bedroom design gray neutral colors

Round  home theater furniture covering


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