Modern office furniture design – sculptural benches by dEEP Architects

by Kremy

modern office furniture design sculptural benches by dEEP architects

Quite often workplaces are considered to be a sterile working environment where the focus is on business, work, meetings and not so much on art. Modern office furniture design concentrates on ergonomic pieces which will serve to the people. But not all offices are like that. If you happen to enter a contemporary yet stylish workplace you will notice that the productivity is higher, people are smiling much more and everyone seems much more relaxed. And this is exactly the case with this office in Beijing, China where dEEP Architects designed an amazing set of sculptural benches and introduced art in the working areas.

original innovative office furniture stylish elegant benches


The reception area in an office is the face of the company. We all know that first impression is very important and we all want to make a good first impression, no matter whether it is business wise or social. This is applicable to work environment too and that is why modern office furniture design is essential and more and more companies pay special attention to the interior of their offices. The sculptural benches of dEEP Architects create a feeling of innovation, of a modern approach and creativity. Designed in a series of slats, they follow a curved pattern and provide not only seating space but artistic ambience. The floating concept of the design works as an accent to the white office walls and leaves an impression of tranquility.


The benches are designed in such a way, that they look great placed along a wall or in the center of the room. The abstract elegance of the shape reminds of a mountain landscape or sand dunes. The natural color of the wood and the flowing lines are so artistic that you would expect to see such a piece of furniture in a modern art gallery, not an office. The slats have rounded edges and looking at this contemporary office furniture design you may even miss the fact that you can actually have a seat on the bench. Designed with computer software, each separate slat has been crafted and then assembled to sculpture the benches into a shape that defines the space in a modern and elegant way.

office furniture artistic shape sculptural benches

modern office furniture sculptural benches wooden slats

modern furniture public area benches by dEEP architects

contemporary office furniture reception area wooden slats unusual shape benches

artistic modern office furniture sculptural benches by dEEP architects


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