Functional and cool wall mounted coat rack ideas for your hallway

by Kremy

wall mounted coat rack ideas modern design cool furniture ideas

A coat rack is a necessity in every home. Besides a practical item it can set the whole interior of your corridor. It has to look good, to be comfortable to use and of course, meet your needs. We will show you some cool wall mounted coat rack ideas in different styles which have a decorative values as well. After all, the corridor is the first place the visitors see and you would want to create a positive first impression.

Cool wall mounted coat rack ideas with modern design

cool wall mounted coat rack ideas contemporary metal coat rack curved lines


Wall mounted coat racks are the most common, small-size, easy and convenient option for clothes storage as they can accommodate a fairly large amount of clothing. Most cool wall mounted coat rack ideas have a simple construction. Some have strict geometric lines while others are a work of art. It depends on you what kind of design will choose so that it fits into your interior style. They can be made of wood, metal, plastic or other materials, even deer antlers. The wood can be natural, and sometimes designers give it an artificially “aged” look. The variety of metal wall mounted coat racks is simply amazing. They are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. The most popular models of metal are painted in black, brown, white or golden finish.

How to choose the best one?

modern wall mounted glass wood stainless steel

How to choose the best one among the numerous cool wall mounted coat rack ideas? What you have to remember is that you are not just buying hooks but a piece of furniture for your hallway. Besides the design, color, size, shape and material, a very important factor is the weight of the coat rack. Heavy metal versions may be a wrong choice if your walls are not strong enough. It is important to keep in mind that winter clothes are fairly heavy so the strength of the material and connecting parts is quite important. The number of hooks will depend on your personal needs – large families need a large hanger. Some models of wall mounted racks provide the opportunity to attach additional hooks.

coat rack black wood stainless steel hooks

wall mounted coat rack natural wood DIY idea palette wood


super cool rack modern design foldable hook

original orange color wood

modern coat racks yellow white gray colors

Modern corridor esign folding clothes hooks

cool racks wood bamboo

cool racks space saving furniture natural materials

 coat racks modern design

cool wall mounted coat racks ideas modern furniture ideas hallway furniture

coat racks ideas modern design metal

 coat racks ideas modern corridor decor ideas

coat racks ideas clothes storage ideas space saving

ideas modern design nails

 metal coat rack stainless steel

ideas contemporary metal coat rack

contemporary wood metal corridor furniture ideas




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