Log cabin interiors – beautiful rustic design and decoration ideas

by Kremy

Log cabin interiors living room decorating ideas leather armchairs side tables

Log cabin interiors offer a unique feeling of comfort which very few designs can offer. Creating a log cabin interior can be a very exciting and fascinating process. It involves choosing the right finishes, furniture, lighting, accessories and decorations to create a balanced and cozy interior with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Log cabin interiors – basic rules and considerations

Log cabin interiors living room design leather furniture side table


When creating log cabin interiors, there are important things that should be taken into account. Log cabin interior designs should be in harmony with the house architecture, its appearance and last, but not least – the surroundings. In addition, all of the individual components and elements of the log house interior must be combined with each other to create a harmonious look. You need to have a basic knowledge how materials work with each other, how to combine colors, textures and different patterns how to choose the furniture and accessories so that the interior is pleasing to the eye, comfortable and warm. What makes the log house interior design different from any other interior design? It is the particularities of the style that determines the choice of doors, floor, ceiling and wall finishes, the lighting fixtures which complement the style and the various details that show the personal taste of the homeowner, add to the harmony, individual character and uniqueness of the rooms.

Log cabin interiors – typical features and design techniques

Log interiors rustic staircase solid wood staircase banisters

One of the most characteristic features of log cabin interiors is the presence of wood in the interior. Solid wood is too beautiful to be hidden behind plaster or any other wall finish. The rough texture and the amazing wood grain should be displayed and the only thing that you need to do is to apply a protective coating or stain the wood in a hue that works with and complements the interior color scheme. Wood adds incredible warmth and charm to the interior so do not bother to cover it.

 log bedroom ideas metal bed frame

Log cabin flooring usually features solid wood, slate or stone tiles. Hardwood floors are typical for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens while tiles can be seen in mudrooms, corridors, transitional areas or bathrooms. A beautiful carpet with ornaments gives the design a sense of luxury.

log home decorating ideas stone fireplace


Another major element and a typical feature of log house interiors is natural stone. Typically, it is a stone fireplace which is very often the focal point of the interior design. It is almost impossible to imagine a log interior without a stone fireplace. It is the gathering point for the family and friends and the hearth of the log house.

small  rustic family room ideas open shelves

Lighting fixtures in a log cabin interior complement the ceiling design. We expect to see exposed ceiling beams and the best choice for lighting fixtures are the wrought iron chandeliers, antler chandeliers, pendant lamps and wall sconces in rustic style.

living room design stone fireplace leather armchairs

Enjoy the selection of beautiful ideas in the gallery below and the interesting interior design solutions, the combination of materials, textures, shapes and colors.

 rustic staircase solid wood staircase log home

 rustic family room antler chandelier

log style furniture log home decor

log home living room design ideas chandeliers fireplace

log furniture ideas

log cabin bedroom interior design fireplace

 log cabin bathroom ideas wood vanity cabinets

interior ideas living room

living room design ideas leather sofa

log bedroom interior design area rug

log cabin interior design ideas rustic family room furniture decor

 furniture interior design bathroom



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