Log cabin furniture ideas – how to choose the right pieces?

by Kremy


Log cabin furniture ideas show different style variations – from classic to some modern designs. To many people it is difficult to choose the right log cabin bedroom or dining room furniture, sometimes even kitchen design is a challenge. Designers prefer wood pieces, a traditional choice for a log house, as they greatly contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the log home. The right furniture will emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the interior. Vintage and antique pieces are always a good choice. The most important thing is that the choice of furniture complies with the overall color scheme and design concept. A certain roughness and lack of polish are natural characteristics of log house furniture. In a log cabin you will see simple chairs and benches, wall shelves and cabinets, ordinary beds – unpretentious furniture pieces that create comfort and coziness.


Log cabin furniture ideas – interiors based on environmentally friendly and natural materials


log-cabin-kitchen-furniture-ideas stone wall antler chandeliers


We have selected some log cabin furniture ideas and interiors based on environmentally friendly and natural materials as this is the main feature of the design style. Forget about plastic, linoleum and other artificial materials. It is all about functionality, simplicity and naturalness. The beautiful color of natural wood exudes natural warmth, which, combined with the heat coming from the fireplace and comfortable furniture gives the living room a unique atmosphere and rustic charm.

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-tree trunk side table stone fireplace

Living room furniture is usually around a stone fireplace – comfortable sofas, upholstered in soft leather or upholstery, wooden coffee tables, stump side tables, ottomans, a rocking chair – all these are placed to invite the homeowners spend relaxing time and enjoy time with each other. Coffee tables or side tables are typically made of solid wood and you will seldom see a modern glass coffee table in a log cabin.

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic cabin kitchens

Kitchens are comfortable and functional, with wood cabinets, without any gloss finishes. Natural stone countertops, copper and cast iron cooking pans, exposed wood on the walls and ceiling create the homey atmosphere in a log cabin kitchen.


Log house bedroom furniture and decor ideas


log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic bedroom ideas wrought iron chandelier

One of the most popular log cabin furniture ideas feature bedroom design as this is the private place for relax and rest. It has to offer you all the comfort that you need, to wrap you in a blanket of calmness and relieve you from the stress. Soft natural colors, wooden bed frame, original nightstands and bedside lamps, a comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace – these are the pieces of furniture that you need in the bedroom. Take advantage of the natural beauty of the materials, add texture and depth with soft textiles and you will have the most welcoming bedroom.

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic living room stone fireplace black antler chandelier

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-living room design ideas rustic ideas


log-cabin-furniture-ideas-stone fireplace upholstered sofa set


log-cabin-furniture-ideas-antler chandelier leather sofa



log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic kids bedroom bunk beds


log-cabin-furniture-ideas-log-home-kitchen-ideas-breakfast bar

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic bathroom stone wall bathtub

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-rustic bathroom wood vanity cabinet

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-powder room tree trunk sink pedestal

log-cabin-furniture-ideas-master bathroom design ideas wood vanity cabinet

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