Media room seating ideas – how to choose the best furniture

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Media room seating ideas are just a part from the design of a media room or a home cinema. A media room which is especially designed features special type of furniture due to the specific function of the room. Of course, this does not mean that we have to say goodbye to the familiar cozy armchairs, sofas and chairs that we use in living rooms. On the contrary, they can be used in any home cinema or media room. However, if you want to furnish with the right type of furniture you should pay attention to specialized seating.

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Manufacturers of media room and cinema seating are faced at a serious challenge because the sofas and chairs should be suitable for many different categories of people – age, weight, etc., and in addition, the furniture has to provide relaxing and comfortable seating for a long period of time, so it has to be reliable and have a special upholstery which does not reflect or absorb sound.

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Designing and furnishing a home cinema is a responsible task as this is a place where you spend fun time with the family. We shall look at different types of media room seating and will give you useful advice how to choose the right home cinema furniture.

Media room seating ideas – special furniture with specific characteristics

home cinema seats design ideas

The role of the seating in a home cinema is to provide a correct and comfortable position for your body, so that you can have an efficient rest. As we said, any media room can be furnished with standard sofas, chairs, armchairs, bean bags, poufs or any other type of seating furniture. The main difference between media room seating ideas and living room seating ideas is that the furniture for media rooms and home cinemas is especially designed and the seats can be fixed together with mechanical joining, which is an integral part of a multi-row cinema and is now becoming more and more popular in private homes. Another specific feature of media room seating is that almost all models can have the function of a transformer. Such furniture can be equipped with electric or mechanical recliners and the reclining mechanism which gives the person the best anatomic position for long-term viewing. This is the only time of furniture which can be equipped with specific options – mechanical vibration to the beat of low-frequency effects in the movies like explosions, gunfire or collisions – integrated into the armrest, some models even feature a built-in mini-bar with fridge, cup holders, etc.

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Many manufacturers offer individual design features and if you want to customize your home cinema you have the opportunity to define the desired number of seats for the home cinema, their modification, additional extra features, upholstery, type of finish, etc. Manufacturers producing high-quality sofas and armchairs for home cinemas offer orthopedic fillers which is a guarantee that you will not get any back problems. Special mechanism allows the seat to be adjusted in a way that is most comfortable for you and with a remote control you can change the position at any time. High quality media room seating is designed to take care of your physical health and give you maximum comfort.

Media room seating ideas – how to choose a sofa for your home cinema?

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We selected a number of media rooms which are beautifully furnished. A media room or home cinema can be arranged in a separate room, in the basement or attic and usually people are busy selected a big screen, speakers or sound systems and neglect the special furniture which will provide the comfort to enjoy the movie or sports event. A sectional sofa is one of the most popular types of seating. When choosing a sofa you need to keep in mind several important factors.

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On the first place, the sofa has to be big enough to accommodate a large number of people. Corner and sectional sofas are always a good option as you can separate the elements and combine them as per the needs of the moment. A comfortable, convenient, stylish and functional sofa with increased number of seats allows you to enjoy a movie not only with the family members but also with friends.

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A media room is equipped with a high-quality sound system and when you want to enjoy the sound effects in the best possible way, you may choose a sofa with an integrated audio system, optionally active or passive. The speakers in the sofa are usually integrated in the armrests and backrest and allow you to enjoy the sound and the effects without damaging your hearing.

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Convenience is a major consideration. The right sofa should be as convenient as possible. Usually the back of the sofa is slightly tilted backwards which provides a better body position. Minibar, built in a corner of the sofa or in the armrest, USB-ports or a module for connecting to other devices are an additional feature providing extra comfort. As an additional feature the mini bar or the shelves can be equipped with dimmable lighting and the intensity can be adjusted with a remote control at any time, without getting up from the sofa.

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Many media room seating ideas show inspiring furniture options. More and more homeowners are looking for sofas with a mechanism to transform the sofa into bed. In this way, they have additional sleeping space for guests, even if they do not have a guest bedroom.

Media room seating ideas – how to choose the right seats?


When you have decided to design a home cinema you need to select the appropriate furniture as it is a major part of the design and adds to the atmosphere of the room. How to choose from all the amazing seating ideas? What is important to know when you shop for the best home cinema furniture? How to choose the color, upholstery, quality – yes, there are many things that you need to consider. We shall try to give you some useful and practical tips which will help you to have a modern, comfortable and functional media room.

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Some people prefer sofas other choose armchairs. If you are attracted to armchairs, it is best if you give preference to models with low-slung and a slightly lowered backrest, armrests and good back support. Both modern chairs and sofas should be upholstered with high-quality natural materials – leather of different textures and colors or textile. Leather upholstery is hugely popular as it is a low maintenance option. It is not prone to stains, dust accumulation and bacteria growth. High quality leather upholstery retains its good appearance for a long time as it is very durable.

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What is the right size of media room seating? Well, you have all heard the saying that size matters. Before you buy the seating for your home theater, you need to consider how much space you have. Measure the dimensions of the room and determine how much space you want to spare for the seats. It is essential to measure the width of the doors and consider all possible obstacles that may prevent you deliver a sofa or chairs into the room. If you plan more than one row of seating you have to leave a space between the rows of seats. The distance and viewing angle can greatly affect the viewing experience so you need to check the distance of the seating furniture to the screen – you wouldn’t want to sit too close or too far away from the screen.

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Modern chairs and sofas for home theaters or media rooms are offered in a wide variety of design styles and you will not have difficulties to satisfy your personal taste and requirements. Media room seating features chairs and sofas in a variety of colors, styles, made of different materials and with different finishes. When you choose the seating furniture you need to make sure that it works with the overall design theme of the room – traditional, classic, contemporary, etc.

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You can choose media room seating from a store or have it custom made which allows you to choose additional mechanisms, built-ins, lighting options, upholstery and finishes. The more “plush” the furniture, the more it absorbs sound and it improves the sound quality. Chairs with high backs provide extra support for your neck, but also can reflect the sound, especially if the sound is coming from behind. It is advisable to choose furniture made of solid wood. Always check for a warranty. Do not buy seating furniture without warranty.

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