Striking ceiling designs – the delicate beauty of ceiling stencils

by Kremy

stenciled ceiling unique ceiling designs with ceiling stencils bedroom decor

Ceiling designs vary significantly in techniques. One of the most affordable, convenient and eye-catching ways to decorate the ceiling is using stencils. Stenciled ceilings are especially beautiful and original and this is, probably, the first ever method of decoration for this area.

ceiling designs stencils for ceiling bedroom ceiling decor


The origins of ceiling painting can be traced back to Paleolithic times. The first people decorated their shelters with paintings that survived until present day. These ancient images were devoted to the forces of nature, often silhouettes of plants, animals or human hand prints. That technique of home decoration was popular in Ancient Greece and Rome and the pigments were of natural origin. During the period of the Renaissance some of the most spectacular ceilings were created by masters like Raphael and Michelangelo. During the lush Baroque era we see the grandeur of painted ceilings and the complex composition of ornaments and decorations while the Rococo introduced a more feminine approach with the lavishness of garlands, flowers, angels and cherubs.

ceiling designs with ceiling stencils handmade stencil ceiling

Nowadays we see the return of painted ceilings and gracious stencil ceiling designs which add a unique character, nobility and elegance to the interior of the home. Stencils are an excellent solution and an alternative to the more expensive ceiling designs. It is a good and creative way to hide some imperfections on the surface of the ceiling, a romantic atmosphere and to demonstrate your personal taste

Striking ceiling designs and creative decorating ideas with stencils

ceiling designs with ceiling stencils rustic hall wood flooring

In a series of articles about various ceiling designs we showed you how the decoration techniques evolved and a simple white ceiling can be transformed into a magnificent focal point. Just think about it – it is the last thing you see before going to retire at night and will be at first glance morning. Most house guests tend to look up when you enter your home and the first thing you will notice is your ceiling. Whenever you plan to remodel or refresh the house, sooner or later you come to the question: What to do with the ceiling? What color to choose? How to decorate the ceiling? In response to this question we shall give you a few options that you can use. Just remember -the color is not the only factor that counts! The fact that there is a popular belief that ceilings should be painted in one color, there are many ways to freshen the interior by decorative techniques.

 stencils powder room


Some decorative techniques are time, labor and money consuming and the final result depends on the level of skills of the artist. Decorating with stencils for ceilings is a great way to save time and money and at the same time you can have unique ceiling designs which will complement the style of your home, add a historic touch of the times gone by – whether ancient times or glamorous Empire. Even if you live in a home designed in contemporary style you can decorate your ceilings with cool stencils – any stylistic idea, from a strictly minimalist to bright eclectic, is easily and naturally accented with a stenciled ceiling.

designs with ceiling stencils modern home ceiling decor

You can use stencils with a geometric pattern, a pattern of plants and flowers, etc., and break the monotonous appearance of area above your head. The main thing is to choose a pattern that will blend harmoniously into an existing interior, and at the same time reflect your character and lifestyle. There is no limit and there is no wrong color when it comes to ceiling designs. You can choose to design it to your own taste, breaking style frames and expressing your individuality, creativity and design skills.

How to choose the pattern of ceiling stencils?

unique designs with stencils ceiling medallion

Choosing the right stencil for ceiling is a very important step for a successful design and an eye pleasing final result. Fashion trends come and go – some people are fascinated by sky with clouds, birds, stars, and those stencils are suitable for kids’ bedrooms. Floral patterns or intricate patterns work in harmony with rustic, Mediterranean, Shabby Chic or classic interior designs while geometric patterns will blend with a modern design concept. Whatever pattern you choose it must work with the overall design concept of the interior. After all, your ceiling designs will be a part of your home decor until you decide to remodel your home so it is worth spending some time in selecting the best stencil, right? Experts advise to choose different patterns for each room, depending on its function. For example – in the bedroom, where you will see the ceiling before and after sleep, you should choose a pattern soothing to the eyes while in a living room you can opt for bolder patterns. In kids’ bedrooms – whether you opt for cartoon characters, space or ocean theme – the design should be cheerful and bright.

How to choose a painting technique for perfect ceiling designs with stencils?

designs with stencils decorative ceilings

You do not have to be an experienced designer or interior decorator to create your own unique celing design with stencils. You do not have to be a talented artist because nowadays, there is great choice of paints and painting techniques will help you in creating an exclusive ceiling. The popularity of stenciled ceilings is not a surprise as this method of decoration allows you to create most intricate patterns and decorate any surface efficiently and quickly. Ceiling stencils can be bought in many art or craft stores or you can make your own stencil – print out the desired pattern and cut it – it is as simple as that – and you have the chance and opportunity to give life even to the most daring ideas.

ceiling designs with ceiling stencils incredible ceiling decor

Here are some creative design ideas with stencils and different techniques. Choose the one that suits you most and follow the rules as they will guarantee the best result.

  • Buy or craft the stencils and choose the color palette;
  • Clean from dirt and old paint;
  • Painting the stencils;
  • Apply a protective layer to the finished drawing.

designs with ceiling stencils dots ceiling decoration

It is best if you make a sketch of the pattern that you chose – some people prefer a simple medallion, others opt for more complex deigns. A drawing will help you to get an idea for the symmetry of the pattern, the direction of the stencils and the overall appearance of the ceiling. If you have decided to buy ready-made stencils for ceilings, it will be a good idea to get multiple copies as this will make your work easier and you will have identical figures.

ceiling designs ceiling stencils ceiling decorating ideas

The first technique is very simple. Some stencils come coated on one side with a special adhesive which allows you to stick them to the ceiling. If that is not the case, use tape to fix the stencils on the ceiling. Apply the paint with a brush, a sponge or with a paint roller. Apply the paint from the edge to the center. Carefully peel off the stencil and move it to another section. Repeat until you have completed your ceiling design. With the help of stencils you can create a multicolored design. You can pre-paint the ceiling in a base color, wait until the paint is dry and apply another color on the stencil. Make sure you do not soak your brush, sponge or paint roller with paint in order to avoid dripping. If you have chosen a multicolored ceiling design, it is essential that before applying another color, you have allowed the previous one dry out completely.

ceiling design ideas with stencils ceiling decorating ideas

Another technique for a beautiful decorations is to use stamps with a relief pattern. This is a very fast way to decorate the ceiling. Stamps for painting can be cut out on a thin layer of rubber, a piece of wood or you can buy original patterns from an art and crafts shops. The technique is simple – you just damp the relief side with paint and press it firmly to the ceiling. Before applying, check the print on a piece of paper to make sure the pattern is clear. Repeat until you have finished your decoration. Again, you can use more than one color for your ceiling decoration.

designs with stencils patterned paint rollers

Creating a stenciled ceiling with a patterned paint roller is another budget friendly and easy way to have a beautiful ceiling design without many efforts. Such rollers are often used for wall decoration but they are equally convenient and quick to operate on ceilings as well. You can find patterned paint rollers in craft stores and you will be amazed by the variety of pattern options – floral, geometric, birds – so you can easily find the one that you like best. Usually, these rollers work in combination with a sponge paint roller. They must rotate easily and contact with each other. Dip the sponge roller in the paint and squeeze the excess amount. Fix the patterned roller in front of the sponge roller, rotate several times an a piece of paper to make sure you get a clear print and you are ready to decorate your ceiling.

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