Painting stripes on the ceiling and what is important to know

by Kremy

Stripes on the ceiling light blue bedroom

Stripes are a new trend in interior design. They are often used on the wall, furniture or accessories. Stripes on the ceiling are not as common, because they are difficult to paint. Before starting a project, you should know the most important points first and we shall try to help you understand how to paint patterns on a wall .

pink stripes on the ceiling girl teen room


First you must decide whether your room is suitable for such a decoration. Stripes on the ceiling is not something you can delete easily. So, make sure the rest of your furnishings will fit to the decoration. Of course you do not want to create a negative impression and poor mixture of styles and colors. It would be best to let a professional craftsman paint your top, but you can also paint them by yourself, if you are careful.

the ceiling and blanket green and white floral pattern

Stripes on the ceiling would look good in rooms such as bedroom, bathroom or nursery. They might be a little too colorful for the living room and too much for the kitchen. The corridor could benefit from such a spectacular design detail. If the room is small and you want to make it seems higher, stripes are a good idea. If the room is large and spacious, a striped blanket would make it look smaller. Therefore, this method is not suitable for the living room.

Stripes on the ceiling living room gray

Before you begin, you must also make a decision on the color palette. The most common combinations are black and white or white and pastel shades. Then decide where would begin the strips. For example, you can paint a few stripes of the wall and then continue on to the top. You can also paint from the center towards the walls.

ceiling and wall light blue dining room

For pitched ideas the width of the stripes is different. It all depends on the effect you want to create. Thin raster have a greater impact on the eyes, while wide stripes are more suitable for children because they are more relaxing. Make sure that they have the same dimensions and you have delineated the areas with tape. Remember to be creative and feel free to improvise and play with the design. It is important to choose those colors that you like, and to comply with the lighting fixtures or other decorations.

black brown stripes on the ceiling wall decorating ideas

ceiling bedroom decorating ideas

nursery room yellow blue walls white furniture

Green stripes on the ceiling nursery room design ideas

ceiling kids bedroom design

sloping ceiling kids room design ceiling stripes

modern bedroom accent turquoise stripes

stripes on the ceiling ideas outdoor indoor

attic living room interior design decoration

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yellow walls black white

bedroom design coral color

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Red white stripes nursery room ideas

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