Garden privacy – wooden structures and privacy fences

by Kremy

Garden privacy wooden garden pergola outdooor sitting area

Garden privacy and garden fencing ideas are often essential elements in the design especially if the neighbors are close to or have a direct view at the front porch. For the ultimate privacy, you can use one of the many patio privacy wall ideas and surround the garden with a dense screen fence or wooden screens or more open wooden structures, which let light and air. When combined with a pergola, the space can be a cozy outdoor room. The open design of a simple trellis offers a degree of privacy when surrounded by lush plants and flowers and covered with climbing plants. It may be as effective as a solid fence.

Garden privacy wooden lattice hanging baskets sitting area


Comfortable sitting areas in the garden for activities such as reading, entertainment, sunbathing, or meditation should be well shielded. To secure the garden privacy, build a wall or a high fence, then soften the look with climbing plants and hanging baskets.

Garden privacy ideas wooden construction glass tiles

A trellis made ​​of wood and decorated with glass blocks will create a unique screening. You can experiment with the pattern by placing the glass tiles here and there, so you leave some openings for the sun and fresh air.

Garden privacy protection wooden fence creeper plants

The deck is the perfect way for your family to enjoy a relaxing time outdoors. Depending on where you live, and the proximity of your closest neighbors, you may want to create a little more privacy so the neighbors do not watch your every move. These outdoor privacy fence ideas with wooden structures are simple, inexpensive and stylish.

Garden privacy ideas wooden lattice outdoor furniture

Garden-screening-wooden lattice dark rattan furniture

garden-privacy-wooden-lattice white blue yellow theme

garden-privacy-white-wooden-lattice patio sitting area

garden-privacy-wooden-pergola creeper plants wisteria

Garden-privacy-protection-wooden lattice Japanese elements



Privacy-deck-wooden-furniture metal trellises creeper plants

garden-privacy-wooden-material mobile garden umbrella

garden-privacy-deck dining table folding screen

Garden folding screen red flowers white



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