Kids playhouse for the garden – 20 Design ideas

by Kremy

Playground kids playhouse garden design

We present 20 design ideas for a kids playhouse that will surely inspire you and your children. Decorate the playground to create a beautiful addition to the garden. Be inspired by these fabulous houses and build a house for your children!

Childrens playhouse design idea


Create an exciting playground for your children in the garden. These two styles of kids playhouses quite successfully imitate a real house. A gravel path leads to the house, where everything looks authentic. Nothing has been neglected, so that the model looks as real as possible – even a porch and patio furniture are included. The two children’s houses are perfect for your little princess – especially if you decorated them with flowers.

Childrens playhouse cottage style ideas

Here are two fresh designs of kids playhouses in a country house style, which are suitable for small gardeners – a house with a charming fence and a pergola, or a small house with a purple door and colorful lighting are the perfect playground for the hot summer days where kids could read, pain or play.

garden design kids playhouse fairytale

Your children will feel like part of a fairy tale, if you opt for these playhouses. A charming window, a colorful wall painting and especially the trees and shrubs behind the houses can create a magical atmosphere and the kids can act as if they got lost in the woods.

kids playhouses garden design ideas

Here you may see two clever space-saving designs that are creative and functional. The playhouse on the left was crafted from leftover materials from a renovation and the right picture shows a playhouse designed on an old tree trunk as a base. The fanciful constructions were complemented by asymmetric window.

Wooden kids playhouse garden purple colors

These two playhouses were built of stone and wood. The design is perfect for the cold days and the kids can play inside the house. Wood and stone provide the perfect shelter from the wind, and you can install heating, so that the children are always warm.

kids playhouse ideas garden playgroud

These designs are perfect for large families with several children who are at different ages. High enough for older children and colorful enough for the smaller ones, the garden playhouses can be a real highlight for your outdoor space.

kids playhouse with slide garden design

If you want to enjoy the sunny days together with friends, and would like to make kids garden parties, you absolutely need a playhouse with a slide. The more children play there, the merrier. Here are two designs – the first is a conventional playhouse on beams and with a slide. The second design, the parents have to built by themselves.

garden cottage kids playhouse

These two playhouses have an unusual but attractive design, shape and color selection. The red color sets the tone in the garden and the garden fence is a wonderful detail for the house. The green house is actually a redesigned Gazebo, which received a little color and decoration.

 kids playhouse Ideas Girl Roses

If you want your girls to have a pleasing time, decorate the playhouse. Although almost all the girls at a certain age like the pink color, this usually goes very quickly. The purple color is sweet and affectionate. Large roses adorn the facade.

small children playhouse Backyard ideas

These playhouses are built on small and unusual terrain – in both cases, the available area was in the shape of a triangle, but still they are very cozy and inviting.



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