BB cream vs CC cream: Which one to choose according to your skin type?

by Gabby

Choosing a good cosmetic product cannot be improvised. Beyond our skin care routine, which depends on our skin type, our makeup also deserves our special attention. This is why we opt for a skin-like texture, a product that will best match our complexion, our tone, but also our age. The downside? There are so many options for a flawless complexion that it’s easy to get confused. Powder, CC, DD, BB cream or foundation: what to choose? Well, today we are mainly going to focus on BB cream vs CC cream. Let’s find out which will suit your needs in the best way possible!

BB cream vs CC cream: Which one to choose according to our skin type?

bb cream vs cc cream according to my skin type which one to choose make up beauty

It’s not always too easy to choose the right product for your makeup. In fact, depending on the type of skin and the small “defects” to be corrected like pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and fine lines, certain formulas are more suitable than others. So, here are some good tips to put an end to the dilemma “BB cream or CC cream?”. It is very important to know your skin type first if you are going to opt for the best product possible. Do you have an oily, dry, acne prone or normal type of skin? If you have the answer ready, let’s find what is the difference between the BB and the CC cream.

The difference between BB (Blemish balm) and CC (Color control)

bb cream or cc cream which one to choose according to our skin type difference coverage


Let’s start by saying that you probably already know that these type of creams like BB, CC or DD are kind of like tinted moisturizers. They give you less coverage than the foundation and they normally contain skin care ingredients. If you opt for something with a lot of coverage, I would say you should look for a foundation. These type of creams give you a light texture on your skin and will not feel like you are wearing a mask. Their use is easier, than applying foundation because their pigments adapt to the natural complexion of the face in order to unify the complexion and correct imperfections. Their major advantage? BB creams provide moisturizing and repairing care to the skin and often contains SPF. CC cream on the other hand is the cream with more coverage and it has a lot of correcting properties.

how to choose between bb and cc cream what are the differences which one is better skin type

How to even out your skin tone? Use BB cream!

bb cream correction on the skin how to achieve the glow which one to choose makeup

We have been hearing about BB cream for many years now. In fact, she has made her way into our kits and intends to stay there. With its light and moisturizing formula, this tinted product offers us a radiant and perfect complexion throughout the day without having to use other covering treatments. With it, the healthy glow effect is guaranteed! In addition to correcting small imperfections, BB cream also protects us from UV rays thanks to its filters. In terms of texture, it is resolutely light. Once applied to the skin, it needs to be worked in fairly quickly. Otherwise, it evaporates. And because its coverage is only partial, it can be combined with foundation. In this case, the tinted cream plays the role of a base and a day care.

How to hide the redness or the dark circles? Use CC cream!

how to choose between bb and cc cream color correcting healthy glow moisturizing effect

After the first BB wave in the early 2010s, we are now discovering CC creams. CC cream stands for Color Control. It therefore adapts better to your skin type and your complexion and contains many treatments to treat imperfections rather than camouflage them. Less covering than the products mentioned above, it guarantees a very natural look. Finally, if you have fair or sensitive skin, it is better to opt for the DD cream (Daily Defense), offering a high index of sun protection.

How to finally choose between BB cream and CC cream?

How to make the choice between BB and CC cream? And how to make it blend perfectly with your skin? Watch this video where you’ll find a full explanation of the differences we’ve just talked about. You’ll also see a demo of how the different products stand up and get a better idea of which one is right for your skin type. Choosing the right product will not only ensure you have a great makeup look, but your skin will also get the hydration it needs. And if you are new to make up, learn a few things you should absolutely avoid. This will help you achieve the perfect skin-like texture and have a natural looking coverage.

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