Cabin furniture ideas – welcoming and cozy interior design

by Kremy

rustic living room cabin furniture ideas stone fireplace large sofa

We selected some amazing cabin furniture ideas which have a warm, inviting and cozy atmosphere and combine the typical elements of rustic and country style. Rustic cabin furniture follows the basic rule for the style – simplicity, functionality, comfort, convenience, lack of pretentiousness, simplest interior decoration, natural materials and a warm color scheme based on the colors of Nature. No high tech, no cutting edge modern technology and materials. Leather, stone, wood, wool, soft upholstery – this is what you should see in every log cabin furniture pieces and interior design.

Cabin furniture ideas – how to furnish the living room

amazing rustic cabin furniture ideas living room interior stone fireplace


Cabin furniture ideas may differ depending on the accent you want. Some people are attracted to the rustic style, others prefer country touches. In many log cabin designs the living room is the main living area, often featuring open plan. Natural wood floors and high ceilings, decorated with old wooden beams are the best starting point for creating a cozy living room. Open plan living area provides many design opportunities as you can separate the functional zones yet the whole place retain the specific character and atmosphere. A stone fireplace is a natural focal point of a rustic cabin living room. A simple sofa and armchairs, placed in front of the fireplace, upholstered in textiles with natural colors – beige, pale green, yellow-brown, terracotta – will provide a comfortable seating and a view to the burning fire. Bookshelves and cabinets, wooden chests, a rocking chair – all these are perfect log cabin furniture pieces. Avoid glossy finishes, plastics and artificial materials.

Cabin furniture ideas – warmth and intimacy in the bedroom

rustic cabin furniture ideas poster bed side tables rustic bedding

Cabin furniture ideas for bedrooms are mostly aimed at creating a comfortable space which will provide an excellent relax so that people can rest and recharge batteries. Rustic cabin furniture follows the general rules of the style – simplicity, natural materials, neutral and natural colors – terracotta, green, cream, gold, scarlet and blue. To achieve a harmonious overall design, it is recommended to keep to the general color scheme concept for the house. Textile patterns feature traditional designs, including polka dots, floral patterns, sometimes stripes. The furnishing should be made of natural wood – bed, wardrobe, dressing table, side tables – with simple lines and rough natural finishes. Rustic bedding sets, curtains, area rugs will complete the overall look and add to the coziness of the bedroom. An armchair by the fireplace and a few decorative pillows are the perfect small details.

Cabin furniture ideas for the kitchen and dining room

rustic cabin furniture ideas rustic kitchen design wood ceiling

Cabin furniture ideas for the kitchen and dining room will depend before all on the available size of your living space. More and more people prefer open plan living area which provides better options to utilize the space. Very often you see kitchen – living room or kitchen – dining room combinations and different interior configurations. What is important for the kitchen and dining room interior is to correspond to the style and meet your requirements for comfort, simplicity and practicality. Usually log cabin furniture in the kitchen features straight lines, simple finishes without frills. A solid wood dining table is most typical as well as stable chairs or benches made of wood. Antique cupboards found in the attic, wall cabinets and open shelves, wicker and wrought iron decorative items, chests and baskets – all these create the authentic look of a log cabin. Countertops in a rustic styled log cabin kitchen most often are made of natural or artificial stone, ceramic tile or solid wood. Try to match the furnishings in style and color. If you have a small kitchen, do not clutter it with many or massive furniture pieces and choose light colors.

Cabin furniture ideas and bathroom design

cabin furniture ideas rustic bathroom design wooden vanity unit

We are all fascinated by amazing bathroom designs in modern style, minimalist bathroom interiors and sleek surfaces. However a log cabin bathroom can combine all the functionality of modern design with the rustic charm of stone, wood and ceramics and offer the relaxing ambience of a true spa. When furnishing a log cabin bathroom, you should keep in mind that this is an area with high humidity and the pieces should be resistant to water and humidity. A bath tub, walk in shower with glass doors, vanity units made of wood, copper sinks or unique stone sinks, towel racks – all the furniture of a modern bathroom can be used in a log cabin and as an additional benefit you will enjoy the beauty of natural materials.

rustic kitchen rustic furniture ideas wood cabinets

rustic dining room rustic cabin furniture ideas dining table chairs

rustic cabin furniture ideas rustic dining room living room

rustic cabin furniture ideas open plan living area kitchen

rustic cabin furniture ideas living room stone fireplace

rustic cabin furniture ideas living room design fireplace leather ottoman

rustic cabin furniture ideas dining room stone fireplace

rustic cabin furniture ideas bathroom design vanity unit wall decor

rustic bedroom log furniture ideas rustic bedding set

log cabin rustic bedroom design

log cabin furniture ideas living room decorating antler chandelier

log cabin furniture ideas dining room wrought iron chandelier

log cabin furniture ideas bedroom rustic bedroom

inspiring cabin furniture ideas living room design ideas stone fireplace

cabin furniture ideas open plan kitchen dining room

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