Cozy cabins – the perfect place for a peaceful relax

by Kremy


cozy cabins exterior design interior ideas

Cozy cabins – what could be a better place for a retreat from the hectic daily life? What does “cozy” mean to you? To many people, the idea of coziness is the home of their grandmother in the country, the scent of freshly baked bread and pies, the memories of holidays, etc. There are other people who find contemporary interiors cozy, there are those who connect coziness with pristine cleanness while others believe that an artistic chaos is comforting. As you can see there is not a single definition for coziness as every person is different but we shall try to give you some ideas which will be helpful to those who want to create a cozy interior and wonder where to start from.

Cozy cabins – general principles and rules to follow


cozy cabins ideas exterior interior design


What makes a living space more comfortable and inviting? Obviously, the house itself and its appearance are important, as much as the size of the rooms and the materials. You do not imagine a high tech interior into a small country home, do you? We come to the question of the style of cozy cabins. Naturally,  country and rustic style are the most appropriate ones, but these also include Shabby chic, Mediterranean, French country or Provencal as these design styles share common features and values.


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Walls in light colors will give the country-style interior a special charm but if you are not attracted to abundance of natural wood the style of Provence or Shabby chic may be a good option for you as they are more romantic.


living room cozy cabin interior design ideas


Wood flooring adds the natural beauty and the grain patterns to the interior.  Hardwood floors are also practical and have great insulating properties. With a few well-chosen area rugs your cabin will look welcoming, warm and inviting.


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We come to the choice of furniture. Typically, cabins are a place for a rest during weekends and holidays. Our rest largely depends on the visual perception of the surrounding objects. Try to give old things a new life. Upcycling old furniture and household items will add character and unique charm to the home and in addition, those are really good DIY projects. For example, an old window frame can be transformed into a beautiful mirror, a sewing machine can become an original dressing table or desk, vintage suitcases can be arranged at the foot of the bed or make a magnificent chest of drawers.

Cozy cabins – add warmth and character with textile and accessories


lake cabin retreat exterior panoramic view

The right choice of textiles is essential for cozy cabins as fabrics make a house more comfortable. The harmonious combination of all fabrics in the interior – furniture upholstery, cushions, curtains, tablecloth, carpet, etc. – will make the interior more homey and welcoming. You will be amazed how changing the curtains or getting new pillows and cushions can dramatically change and transform the atmosphere of a room. Select accessories that make you feel good. Anything from embroidery, lace, photo frames, wicker baskets and old vases can find its place and you can use the mantel to display your beautiful items. Remember, it is the little items and the details that make a boring interior into a cozy and charming one.

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