Concrete walls – how to use them in contemporary home interiors

by Kremy

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Concrete walls – this sounds like a very bold decision. To many people this is an unusual and quite controversial design solution. However, a concrete wall design looks impressive and could be the perfect background for loft, minimalist or industrial interiors. In fact, concrete is a versatile material, which can be amazingly pleasant to the touch and with unique texture. Until very recently, people felt reluctant to use concrete walls in the home design. It was more popular for garden paths, garage flooring, pergola columns, driveways, etc. With the growing popularity of industrial and minimalist design styles, concrete has found many supporters and we have selected some striking contemporary interior designs with concrete walls. Many designers and architects have discovered a very special aesthetics in concrete and began to use this simple material in their projects.

Why choose concrete walls in contemporary style homes?

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Concrete walls may look really impressive and, believe it or not, this is a fashionable decorative technique. Despite the fact that most people consider concrete to be a rough, cold and austere material, with the right approach and with appropriate treatment, concrete is comparable with the luxury of granite or marble. You will not have a feeling that you are entering a room that is being remodeled or under construction. A good design will take advantage of the unique properties of concrete and will accent on its decorative value. Usually, we see a concrete wall as an accent wall in huge loft apartments but in the pictures below you shall notice that concrete can be used in small rooms, even studio apartments. Concrete walls can be found in the bedroom and in the living room, the bathroom, kitchen or dining room. The material is versatile and we shall give you some very good reasons why you should not be afraid of a concrete wall in the design of your home.

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Concrete is budget friendly and available material. When you want a concrete wall, you do not have to make a significant financial investment. In addition concrete has excellent wear resistance and environmental characteristics. When you add some bright and bold accessories, modern art paintings or sculptures, the final result can be inspiring and very impressive.

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Concrete walls can be a smart interior solution, especially when smoothed, and the perfect accent wall. A large painting and a couple of modern sculptures in front of the wall will make the atmosphere dynamic and full of character. The texture of the concrete is unusual and this finish works very well in the interior design of large open plan spaces. One of the most interesting combinations is the visual contrast between the rough texture of concrete walls and crystal chandeliers, wall sconces or pendant lamps. When you want to emphasize the rough texture of a concrete wall, using glass is the perfect way to do so. In smaller rooms, concrete should be used with care in order to avoid a dark and unpleasant atmosphere in the room. It is recommended that a concrete wall in a small apartment was well illuminated, preferably by natural light.

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Concrete works with many materials – wood, glass and fabrics. The warmth of the wood balances concrete while the smooth surface of the glass accents on its texture. Soft fabrics and leather combined with concrete offer many design opportunities to achieve depth in the interior design. Bright accents and colors soften the atmosphere in a room with a concrete wall and make it more welcoming and comfortable. For example, a fluffy carpet and a sofa with soft shapes, with some cozy pillows will work beautifully with a concrete wall and the room will be inviting and lively. Very often in loft and industrial interiors concrete is complemented by pipes, electrical wiring and those are used as an accessory and element of the interior design.

Concrete walls – simple rules how to make the best of them in modern interiors

concrete walls in interior design minimalist interior living room

Concrete can look quite cold but there are some design techniques which can soften the appearance of a concrete wall. One of the most frequent questions about concrete walls is how they work with different styles and is it possible to have more than one concrete wall. We already mentioned that these walls are popular in industrial style or lofts, but not limited to these two styles only. A concrete wall will look great in a Scandinavian interior, in an eclectic design, even in Mediterranean or Provencal interiors. The key point is not to overdo the design and balance the concrete with the key elements for each style. Depending on the personal style and taste of the homeowner, some people prefer gray rough wall texture, while others choose to smooth the surface, even partially paint it.

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Create combinations – this is the second important rule to create harmonious interiors. For example – cold concrete surfaces combined with the warmth of wood are a great way to balance the interior. You can accent on the strength and durability of concrete with glass elements or color pops in bright vivid hues. Elegant, modern furniture is also a good way to soften the coldness of concrete.

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The finish of a concrete wall can make all the difference in the design of the home and the desired visual effect. One option is to just sand the walls and coat them with a protective layer. Rough surfaces also need special treatment, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, as the humidity levels and temperature changes may damage your walls. Another option is to use concrete panels which are easily mounted on the wall. This option works very well in small rooms and provides the visual aesthetics of concrete in a very original way.

Concrete walls in the interior design of every room in the house

concrete in interior design minimalist living room design ideas

Concrete as a decoration for the walls in the apartment may not be to the taste of everyone. This is understandable as we are different people, with different tastes, lifestyle and individuality. Those who are attracted to the idea of a concrete wall in the interior will find inspiration in the gallery below as you can have such a wall in every room of your house.

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Concrete wall in the living room will work with almost any style, but the best option is to choose loft, industrial or minimalism. Large rooms give many design opportunities and a concrete wall becomes a background for modern furniture and contemporary art. Leather or upholstered furniture works very well with concrete and modern floor lamps or creative lighting fixtures add to the urban atmosphere of the home.

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We often see concrete walls in bedroom interiors. They are best complemented by expressive design of textiles, bold colors, wool blankets, and soft light. For a softer look stucco elements, classic moldings and crown moldings are a good option. Wood flooring is another way to soften the coldness of concrete as well as wooden furniture.

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In the kitchen, a concrete wall can be combined with either light or dark colored furniture, depending on the individual taste and preferences. The gray color of concrete is the neutral background for contemporary kitchen designs and works with almost any color – glossy white cabinets will be suitable for minimalist kitchen designs, while bright red cabinetry will create an impressive visual contrast.

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Last, but not least in importance, is the way to use a concrete wall in the bathroom design. Generally, concrete deals with humidity very well and when you are looking for a practical, yet stylish bathroom decor – take advantage of the plumbing, shower and sink fixtures as their smooth surface will work very well with the texture of concrete. Mirrors and glass shower partitions are also a good idea in a bathroom with a concrete wall.

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In conclusion, we can see that a concrete wall can be a great and powerful element in the interior design. Concrete is a versatile material and even when the surface is smoothed, it retains a somewhat rough and natural look. The gray color of concrete is an excellent background for bright details, art and home accessories. Be brave and experiment with the decoration but remember not to overdo it as too many shades and colors may be irritating and distracting. When a concrete wall is combined with wood, glass, lacquered wood, metal accents the visual effect is striking.

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