Rustic bedroom furniture and decoration ideas

by Kremy

Rustic bedroom furniture ideas poster bed daybed wrought iron chandelier

Are you planning to decorate your bedroom in rustic style? Do you like the coziness and natural beauty of rustic bedroom furniture? Rustic interiors always look of original, stylish and unique.

small bedroom rustic style interior wooden ceiling wrought iron chandelier


Here are a few design options which will help you with ideas for the interior colors, decoration, furniture and accessories.

 bedroom furniture poster bed stone wall hardwood floor

Rustic bedroom furniture follows the style rules for furniture and is crafted only from natural materials.

rustic furniture ideas solid wood bed decorative wall

The typical wooden beds and wardrobes sometimes have rough, unpolished surface.

 bedroom ideas solid wood bed carving vintage chandelier

Beds can have either wooden or iron headboards, dressers have framed mirrors with antique look, wicker chests, rocking chairs – these are the furniture pieces which you will see in a rustic bedroom.

bedroom design rustic style wood beams hand woven carpet stripes pattern

The basic rule when choosing furniture for a rustic bedroom interior is that it must be, or appear to be, made by hand.

rustic interior design decoration ideas bedroom

As far as colors are concerned – they would depend on your taste. It is advisable to choose colors in neutral shades, the brown palette is typical for the rustic interiors as well as beige.

Rustic bedroom interior wooden walls patchwork bedding

Color accents can be added with bedding sets, decorative pillows, wall paintings or rugs. Patchwork is very popular in rustic bedroom but you need to be careful not to create too much color contrasts.

rustic furniture kids bedroom bunk bed floating shelves

Exposed wooden beams, natural stone, solid wood have a natural beauty and that is why many designers prefer to leave them clearly visible in the room.

rustic interior design bedroom decor wooden wall rustic bedding set

Antlers on the wall or a skin of a wild animal are popular accessories which are perfect for the simple decor in the bedroom and complement the rustic style bedroom furniture.

rustic bedroom designs rustic bedding sets ideas wooden wall

The distinguishing feature of rustic style is the use of only natural, environmentally friendly materials and no plastic at all!


rustic interior bedroom decorating ideas wooden bedroom furniture

rustic decorating ideas stone fireplace pillows

 bedroom furniture rustic decor ideas stone wall

rustic ideas wooden bed upholstered armchairs

Rustic ideas interior designs bedroom decor

rustic designs stone fireplace bedding set ideas

rustic decor stone fireplace iron bed ceiling beams

 attic bedroom hardwood floor ceiling design

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