Trendy taupe color – add a calm elegance to your home interior

by Kremy

Taupe bedroom wall color and tufted bed headboard

Taupe color is one of the trendiest colors in interior design and the reason for its huge popularity is not that it is the fashion of the moment but the fact that it is practically universal and extremely versatile. The name originates from the Latin word for mole which is still used in French language. The unusual gray-brown color of the skin of this animal gave the name to the color. So, the short answer to the question what color is taupe is that this is a mixture between brown and gray. It is a neutral color and is perfectly combined with many other shades. Nowadays there is a variety of shades that are named “taupe” – from light cocoa with milk to brownish-pink shade.


How to combine taupe color with other colors?


dining room design ideas taupe and blue color combination


When it comes to using taupe color in interior design, you need to know how to combine it with other colors. As we already mentioned, due to its versatility it is easy to combine taupe with other colors. It can be a basic shade in the interior as a background or an accent color, but it always gives the space a noble and elegant look and makes it more stylish and sophisticated. One great advantage of this color is its ability to give a sense of stability and tranquility and this is one of the main reasons why taupe is so popular among designers and homeowners. Some designers prefer to use the monochrome palette and play with textures, combining different materials to avoid a monotonous look. Taupe can be used in any element of the interior – floor and wall coverings, furniture, decor elements or home accessories. Although you can combine taupe color with any other shade there are two combinations that are especially popular.

The combination of taupe with blue makes any room really soothing. The harmonious blend of these colors adds a vintage touch to the room, it is quite contrasting, but at the same time soft.

When you want to design an interior in black and white, but are afraid of excessive contrast, try a combination of taupe and light beige or ivory. This may sound as a compromise but will add a lot of chic to your room and the neutral combination will give you a balanced base for your design.

Add shades such as emerald, amethyst and rosewood which will complement the interior and add elegant accents.


Taupe color can be used in the interior design of every room

elegant dining room design taupe wall color wooden table upholstered chairs

Taupe color can be used in any room of the home. In the living room a decor in neutral colors, whether you choose the brown-gray as a base or in combination with other colors, will help you create a cozy interior that invites you to communicate. Use white or pastel shades – on walls, on the ceiling, as furniture upholstery and in decorative elements to make your living room unique. When you want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the room, choose soft red and orange tones to combine with taupe. Yellow and white give the room a vivid feeling. Green and blue shades look cool and relaxed. The easiest way is to select a carpet that contains the accent colors you need. Add structure into the space through a blend of textures. Blankets and pillows of linen, silk, velvet or wool would be perfect. Choose gold-colored accessories such as picture frames, table lamps or wall mirrors. The touch of gold would bring a subtle glow into the room.

In the bedroom, this calm color will look great on walls or in accessories, for example, in bed linens and other textiles and create an atmosphere of coziness. This color does not irritate, does not cause negative emotions, but isn’t this the most important thing for the interior of a bedroom? If you use it as a wall color, add dark wood furniture, white blinds, simple lamps with warm light which will complement the interior of the bedroom.

In the kitchen and in the dining room any shades of taupe will look exceptionally good, delicate and cozy. It is able to visually enlarge even the smallest room. You can use any shade from dusty-violet to soft coffee with milk.

Taupe color can be used successfully in bathroom interiors as well. It looks great, especially if you have a source of natural light but even if your light is artificial, the color will look good. Bear in mind that in a poorly lit room the color may look a bit monotonous and even boring, so it is best if you chose a complementary color.




taupe color in modern living room with brown carpet

taupe color in interior design trendy color schemes

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Contemporary bathroom color scheme shades of taupe

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Warm taupe shades in a sleek bathroom

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