Small balcony design ideas with colorful patio furniture and plants

by Kremy

small balcony design ideas metal outdoor furniture

Decorate a small balcony with interesting furnishings, colorful patio furniture and plants. We give you some creative small balcony design ideas with tips on how you can save space and yet have a comfortable time outdoors.

 small balcony with wrought iron furniture green upholstery


The available space should be creatively used by a clever layout and that is why we have collected original and helpful small balcony design ideas. The necessary accessories can be arranged for example on a corner shelf. Folding chairs save space and offer some flexibility so you can always have enough seats for coffee with friends when needed. Tables, which are attached to the balcony railings, offer a nice alternative to the traditional models. Folding tables are also a popular choice. Even on a small balcony flowers and plants should not be missing. Instead of placing flower pots on the ground, you can attach planters to the railings, or let climbing plants grow on a wooden grid. This will secure the windshield and privacy simultaneously. Hang flower baskets on the ceiling too.

  Scandinavian style metal railings

Hang lanterns as lighting, set flowers on the table or choose furniture in bright colors – they set the tone and make the balcony look larger. If you like traditional wooden or metal furniture, these can by interesting if you add decorative upholstery. Select a runner carpet in accordance with the furniture color. Small balcony designs will inspire you for the decoration of your outdoor and yet you should be careful although the temptation to use all kinds of decor might be really strong. Remember that whatever you use on the balcony, it is not going to be hidden from view, especially when you are standing in the living room, too much decoration can interfere. Be inspired by these proposals for small balcony and we wish you much fun with the design!

wooden floor balcony design ideas modern patio furniture

Small balcony design ideas large armchair modern planters

small garden armchair flower pots

 space use seat padding coffee table

 wooden floor metal patio furniture

romantic decoration blooming flowers

small stylish bench gray upholstery

small decoration wooden table colorful carpet upholstery

small balcony design ideas folding coffee table

 balcony garden wood river stones

small balcony decoration ideas cofee table chairs colorful pillows

 green plants white folding chair

small bench planters striped rug

small colorful furniture plants in pots

 garden seating area coffee table

Elegant folding chairs and table

small balcony white metal outdoor furniture

Contemporary balcony and decoration tips

small white outdoor dining furniture

 furniture stripe upholstery seat cushion

 design mediterranean style metal table view

 wooden railing modern metal patio furniture

 vintage style romantic atmosphere

 fantastic blooming flowers coffee table folding chairs

 decorating with plants bench green pillows

 decorating ideas white wooden corner bench

 decorating ideas pink painted cabinet bonsai tree



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