Nursery room design and creative decorating ideas

by Kremy

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From the moment you bring your precious baby home, his (or her) nursery is a special place for you and your child. Even if you hold your baby in your bedroom at night for the first settling-in period, you will probably use the nursery for diapers and other everyday tasks. The sooner you and your child feel comfortable in the baby room, the better and it is up to you to create the nursery room design.

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In addition to a crib that meets modern safety standards, your nursery room design should include a comfortable chair or a cushioned rocking chair for the time when you snuggle your baby. For a little more support for your back, place a stool in front of it in order to retain a comfortable height for you.

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A changing table has many advantages. They are useful and are one of the most popular pieces of furniture in the nursery design. Look for an open model with one or two lower shelves so you have a storing space for diapers, powder, cream, and other important accessories.

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Once you have the crib, comfy chair, changing table, and an optional extra bed in the baby’s room, the rest is a breeze. If you arrange the space just for the baby, you could try these creative decorating ideas. No special effects are necessary. Babies can not really see details. Select the nuances of color. Pattern in black and white look good, because they stimulate the eyes and the brain. If your like modern design- black and white with red accents could be just the thing.

nursery decorating ideas

If you prefer, you may add nursery rhymes, sayings or fairytale pictures. Remember, though, that children can not distinguish what is real and what is imaginary, so make sure that the images are not scary. Especially in a room meant for babies, you want the atmosphere to be soothing, not annoying.

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Every color scheme can work, but it is usually best to keep the colors on the clear, bright side. The kids do not like sophisticated shades of gray and dark color schemes. The bright, cheerful colors such as mint green, yellow and white are timeless, combined with a variety of special accents, which look fresh and gorgeous.

small nursery interior decorating ideas

white baby furniture

light green pink

red accents

wall stripes

trees comfortable armchair

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kids rocking chair

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kids fairytale

 kids tree shelves

Baby sweet dreams

Baby forest theme

Baby changing table

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