Iron crib design ideas, pros and cons of metal cribs for newborns

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Iron crib design ideas nursery room furniture ideas metal cribs

Iron crib design ideas can be just as fascinating as wooden cribs. Very often parents-to-be are faced with the problem to choose the best crib for their baby and it is a tough task, really. The market offers numerous styles, designs, sizes and shapes and it is easy to get lost among the endless options. There are so many options that it is smart to do some research before making a final selection.

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There is not a single answer to the question which material is best when we discuss cribs. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and after all you want something that is safe, comfortable, lightweight, hygienic and stylish even if it is not incredibly luxurious. A modern iron crib for a newborn will serve you just as well (and long) as wooden products. It does not mean a heavy, clumsy and ugly furniture piece with cold metallic bars. On the contrary, modern iron crib design ideas are stylish and elegant, usually manufactured from aluminum alloys with special coating.

Iron crib design ideas – advantages of metal beds

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Let’s look at the advantages of metallic baby beds. Looking at different iron crib design ideas people notice the appearance and try to imagine how a particular crib will fit in their nursery room. It is true that metal baby cribs can add an upscale elegance to the nursery. Clean lines, classic forms, offered in several themes and colors, an iron crib is not only a necessity, but a beautiful element in the concept of the nursery room.

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Metallic cradles are incredibly durable. Unlike wood, iron baby cribs are practically indestructible and you may find some magnificent vintage cribs which need just a little care to restore their initial appearance.

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Lightweight and functionality are also great benefits. An iron crib can be easily moved from one room to another and if equipped with wheels, you can push with without any problem.

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Appearance – from wrought iron cribs to modern metal cradles – if you are looking for a particular design to match the color and decoration theme of your nursery you will find it. White iron cribs are the most popular customers’ choice but black is also popular and, of course, you can have a baby bed painted in a specific color that suits your interior decor.

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Metal cots are also easy to clean and sanitize. In addition, they have to meet just as high safety standards as cribs made of other materials.

Iron crib design ideas – disadvantages of metal cribs

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Despite the appealing look of most iron crib design ideas, one of their biggest disadvantages is their price. Most metal cribs are significantly more expensive than wooden cribs. Some extravagant and intricate models have a really high price tag which makes them a luxurious piece of furniture.

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Another disadvantage is the limited selection. The main styles – antique classic and modern are about the only choice. However, metal works pretty well with wood and you can easily surround a metallic cot with wooden furniture.

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