DIY nursery decor – unique interior ideas

by Kremy

diy nursery decor ideas homemade decoration ideas

The decoration in the baby’s room is an important element of the interior. The homemade decoration has a certain charm and uniqueness that can also give individuality to the room. Check out these beautiful ideas for DIY nursery decor and be inspired for your own baby room interior.

DIY nursery decor – creative paper decorations

diy nursery decor ideas picture frame paper craft ideas


There is no limit for the fantasy and creativity if you have planned a DIY nursery decor. Colorful paper flowers are one of the easiest ideas. You can choose bright or pastel colors to create a lovely wall decoration. Butterflies as a hanging decoration are always a lovely and adorable idea. You could make a lovely collage and frame it or draw funny pictures which will add a cheerful mood to the nursery room. It is advisable to opt for light colors as they create an airy feeling and orange, yellow, light shades of blue and green are the best options. Of course, your decoration should be in compliance with the main theme of the room – it could be pets, balloons, spring, fairy tale – anything that makes you happy.

 DIY nursery decor – cute craft ideas

diy nursery decor ideas ice cream ruffles pastel colors

If you have opted for an original and unique DIY nursery decor you can take advantage of the many craft ideas. Crafts using buttons or picture frames in matching colors will look original and you can add photos of your little one at different ages. You could use various felt pieces and craft lovely toys or banners which will add to the style of the room. Buy colorful buttons of various sizes at flea market and glue them on the wall or on picture frames. Wooden letters wrapped in various pieces of fabric will be a cute wall decoration. You can sew decorative pillows or the bedding set for your baby and leave your personal touch to the design. For example, wooden furniture can be easily painted in bright colors. Simple furniture is suitable for boys and girls, and you can easily change the colors. The walls can be painted in any color to match the theme of the nursery. Use beautiful decals such as clouds, cars, dolls or any other from the endless variety of wall decals. Do not worry that the wall will become a focal point of the room, because you can always repaint the walls or change the decals. These ideas will help you create a cozy and lively atmosphere in the nursery room.

DIY Clock nursery room decorating ideas

Easy crafts – paper flowers for the nursery room

wall decoration ideas nursery paper flowers

 Colorful letters on the wall

room wall decoration ideas homemade decoration alphabet

 Easy wall banner

fabric banner craft ideas wall decor inursery room ideas

 Cute felt balloons

ideas felt baloons white clouds

 DIY alphabet letters

wall decor alphabet colorful letters

 Creative wall decorating ideas

wall decor alphabet

 Cute buttons in different colors and sizes

room decorating ideas big buttons wall decor

wall decoration ideas pictures

decor ideas felt baloons white clouds

decor baby room decorating ideas paper crafts butterflies

decorating ideas spring theme birds tree branch

decorating ideas paper crafts balloons

decorating ideas cute owls

DIY felt flowers room ideas homemade decoration


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