Bamboo house design ideas – eco friendly building materials

by Kremy

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Bamboo is one of the strongest plant-based building materials. It has the great advantage of being eco-friendly and sustainable. We have collected some magnificent bamboo house designs which feature original interiors inspired by the green trend.

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Bamboo structures have been in existence for hundreds of years. Due to its high durability and flexibility, such panels at the base of a building can withstand heavy loads. This type of wood is as strong as steel or concrete and it can be pressed, flattened, molded, sliced, burnt or carved. Bamboo is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world, the biggest member of the grass family and has thousands of uses. Interior walls and external screens are made of thin modules, which allow them to be stacked in various configurations. Damages that insects and moisture can cause are among its main disadvantages but if treated properly, the structures can last an entire lifetime. Modern bamboo house designs look impressive but more importantly, they give a creative interpretation to tradition and convey building techniques into contemporary homes.

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In the gallery below you will see awesome bamboo home designs and spectacular interiors. The versatility of the wood can be seen as it is successfully used not only as a building material but for the furniture and decor of every room. Unlike traditional wood, it has a high fire resistance and this allows using it in kitchens without any worries. In its natural form, it has a high moisture resistance and is widely used for flooring as well as in furniture design.

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One of the main advantages of bamboo houses is the lightweight. This means that the house does not need a massive base. The elasticity of the material is another advantage, as this property of the material allows the houses to sway back and forth during an earthquake, without damaging the poles. This is an ideal material for building houses with non-standard configuration and provides endless design opportunities. Enjoy the beautiful houses and the stunning interiors!

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