Frieze carpet ideas for an elegant casual look of your home

by Kremy

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Frieze carpet ideas are gaining popularity for the last years and many people take advantage of the functionality and the convenience they offer. They hold a leading position in the best selling carpet styles for their casual yet elegant appearance. What is a frieze carpet? What is the difference between the latter and a shaggy rug? Which one is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of frieze rugs and how to maintain them? We shall give you the answers of these questions so that you can choose the best for your home.

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One of the stories for the appearance of frieze carpets is that they were inspired by a dog breed known as the Bichon Frisé. The breed is characterized with fluffy, soft hairstyle and the carpet style was designed to reflect the appearance of soft curls. Whether the legend for the origin is true or not, these rugs have been fashionable for many years for the excellent performance and the advantages that they offer.

What is a frieze carpet?

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A frieze carpet is made by tightly twisting fibers which create an attractive textured surface. A frieze carpet is characterized with the high number of twists which is achieved by machine twisting. The fibers can be colored in one or more colors, sometimes two different colors of yarn are twisted together. The tight twisting of the fibers creates some tension at the top end of the fibers and a knobby appearance. It is the appearance that usually causes the confusion and customers often mistake a frieze carpet with a shaggy rug.

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What is the difference between them ? Frieze has very high number of twists for each individual strand and it is usually shorter than a shaggy carpet. The fiber strands are skinnier than the ones of a traditional shag carpet and the result product has a thinner and more elegant look. Shags are usually manufactured with thicker and heavier yarn. They have less twists than frieze fibers, which makes them feel softer. The fluffy look of a shag rug is a result of the longer fibers not so much of the twists. While most rugs have three to five twists per inch a frieze has seven to nine twists which results in a knobby look and the tuft kinks or turns back upon itself. Frieze carpets are often confused with textured rugs because have a similar appearance but the difference is in the manufacturing process.

What are the advantages of a frieze carpet ?

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When choosing the floor covering for your home you need to keep in mind the look and style that you want to achieve. Designers say that a frieze carpet is the better version of a shag and they combine a stylish look with durability. The rugs work beautifully in contemporary interiors and can be used as a color accent in a minimalist design. They can be successfully blended into traditional or rustic interiors and their warm look and coziness will complement the atmosphere of the room. Frieze will look very good in a loft style design and accent on wood, metal and glass elements. It is important to choose the right color to accent and enhance the interior design and create a visual balance in the design.

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Probably the biggest advantage of these rugs is the durability which is due to the high twist. A frieze carpet is designed to withstand wear and tear and is an excellent choice for families with small children, pets and for areas with high traffic where a lot of people come in and out of the home during the day. The textured appearance of the carpet will conceal dirt, stains vacuum streaks or footprints.

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The long fibers of theses rugs are perfect for hiding seams. When there is a need of a seam it is very likely that you will not notice one on a frieze carpet. Friezes seam together beautifully, usually leaving no visible trace of the seam and this advantage makes them a popular choice for stairs as the cuts around the posts and the staples on stairs are practically invisible.

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This fluffy rugs are soft and very comfortable to walk on. The high quality of the carpet construction and the soft fibers create a pleasant feeling even if you walked barefoot. The thickness of the carpet contributes to its sound absorption qualities as well.

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In terms of colors and patterns they can be found in a wide variety of colors but usually the carpet is uniformly colored. Due to the specifics of the manufacturing, complex patterns are almost impossible to find. A frieze carpet will work with almost any design style and interior design concepts. It can be used in family rooms, bedrooms, stairs, kids’ rooms or playrooms.

Disadvantages of a frieze carpet and tips for cleaning and maintenance

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Frieze carpets do not have too many disadvantages except that they can be more expensive than other types.

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Some people find them difficult to clean especially when stained. While other carpets with shorter and tighter fibers are easily cleaned from spills, the loose fibers of frieze get soaked easily. When you want to maximize the lifespan of your frieze carpets and preserve their appearance, you should vacuum clean them every week and professional cleaning is recommended twice a year.

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