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Baby changing station is a necessary furniture piece in every nursery room. Choosing the right furniture for the room of the newborn is a serious task, as it should provide safety and comfort not only to the baby but to the parents as well. Functionality is another factor that parents need to consider and having in mind that space is often a problem, we shall help you with useful tips for the baby room organization.

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Designing a nursery room means to combine harmoniously a number of elements – a baby crib, a wardrobe, probably a comfortable chair for the parent, a soft carpet, and of course, the decoration is also something to consider. How do you make a nursery room comfortable? How to save space without compromising the convenience? You can choose a crib with integrated baby changing table – such designs are very practical, especially when there are shelves and drawers under the table. The storage space is very important for the changing table in the baby room. You also need to have everything you need for your baby’s skin. You can opt for a specially designed changing table where all of the baby clothes, towels and care products can be stored in several drawers. However, when the space is limited, the option is to choose a wall mounted baby changing station and this is the focus of this article.


Baby changing station – space saving furniture for the nursery room

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A wall mounted baby changing station will help you save yourself back pains and change your baby easily and quickly. Every parent knows that the routine activities and care for newborns can be exhausting and the better organized the nursery room, the easier it will be for the mom or dad to take care of the baby. Many parents think that they can do without a changing table as it is not an essential piece of furniture and prefer to lay a blanket on their bed or on the sofa and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you asked them, they would gladly agree that a changing table is needed as it will eliminate the back problems. In addition to that, buying such piece of furniture for the newborn include ease of use and functionality. How to choose the use a functional baby changing station? When considering the advantages and disadvantages of different changing table designs, you need to think of two important questions – what functions must the changing table perform and where he will stand?

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What is a wall mounted changing station? Why choose a wall mounted changing station? We shall look at the pros and cons of this type of design so that you can make your choice easier. A wall mounted changing station is especially designed changing table with a hinged countertop, which is attached to the wall. The design is especially suitable for small apartments and public restrooms and resembles a folding table, but it is taller and convenient to the mother to care for the child. After the baby is changed, the countertop can be lifted and fixed to its original position against the wall, so it does not occupy a useful living space. Some models have a small built-in which stores the supplies for the hygiene of the baby – diapers, wipes, rash ointment and a toy or two to keep your baby busy.


Why choose a wall mounted model – advantages and disadvantages

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Depending on the size of your home, your budget, the level of convenience that you are looking for, you can choose from many different changing tables. But which one – a changing mat, a wall changing table or the traditional changing table? Buying a wall mounted baby changing station can be a really good plan, especially when you have a limited space or budget. Provided, of course, that you take into account certain criteria for safety and there is no risk for your baby once the installation is complete. A classic baby changing table is a piece of furniture which offers a lot of storage but does require space. Yes, there are folding models, but the idea of folding and unfolding your changing table several times a day or at night is a serious disadvantage. One of the major advantages of a wall mounted baby changing table is that it does not require a lot of space and offers the comfort of a classic changing table in a minimum of space.

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Another advantage of wall mounted models is that you can install it at the exact height that is convenient to you. Most of the standard changing tables come at a fixed height and there is no way that you can make them lower or higher. Functionality is another major advantage. The market offers creative wall mounted baby changing stations which can be converted to a writing desk when the child grows or can be used as an additional storage space in the kid’s bedroom.

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Design and appearance – wall mounted models come in vertical or horizontal design and in different shapes – rectangular, oval, etc. Different manufacturers use a variety of materials so when you choose your baby changing table, choose natural materials and soft fabrics – the materials has to be extra strong and the changing mats should be soft and pleasant to the skin. Typically the changing stations are equipped with built-in stoppers which prevent changing table flaps from falling down suddenly. Some models also have a safety belt which prevents the baby from falling.


Considerations that you need to keep in mind when buying a wall mounted baby changing station

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Wall mounted baby changing stations may have many advantages but they have some drawbacks as well. One of the major concerns of parents is the safety of the baby as these changing tables do not have enough side barriers to prevent the baby from falling down. When you change your child, to avoid injury, always keep an eye (or hand) on the baby. If the storage is on the other end of the room or you have to turn to get a diaper, a disaster could happen, especially when the baby is turning.

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Make sure that your storage shelves or cupboards are in proximity with the changing table but keep in mind that when the baby is growing the desire to grab everything within the reach of his hands is also growing. Avoid placing your piece of furniture near a medicine cabinet or open storage space. Another safety consideration when choosing a wall mounted table is the way it is fixed to the wall. There are parents that attach the changing table to the wall without professional guidance. Usually, changing tables come equipped with the necessary screws, but if you feel like buying larger ones or use pegs to hang the table more firmly, do not hesitate to do so.


Wall mounted baby changing station ideas and designs

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When searching for the best wall mounted baby changing station you will see many ideas and designs. One of the most original and functional models is designed by the Swedish designer Bo Ekstrom, who is a father of four children and certainly has a very good idea of baby handling. The wall mounted changing table by BO design is made from sanded, whitewashed molded birch veneer and holds up to 110 pounds of weight safely.

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Another stylish model is the NOGA changing table designed by Charlie Crane. With a modern look, curved edges and a beautiful smooth shape this table is equipped with two shelves to store the diapers, wipes, towels or other accessories that you need. The opening front is made from poplar wood and the outside is a white matte decor or in a pretty sky blue color that can easily be wiped clean. The inside and the shelves have an oak laminate finish. This original baby changing table is suitable for children up to 36 months old and holds up to 37.4 pounds (17.5kg.) of weight.

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Koala baby changing stations come in horizontal and vertical options and can be made from polypropylene or stainless steel. They are suitable for restrooms and offer a very high level of safety and cleanliness. The antimicrobial surface helps reduce the spread of germs. Koala changing stations come in different models, designed for easy one hand opening and closing and with nylon safety straps.

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Of course, you can choose a custom made model or even make one of your own as a DIY project. However, do not forget that functionality, convenience and before all – safety – are the most important features of every baby changing station.


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