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Kids closet design ideas require a special attention. Although they look like a wardrobe of an adult person, a child’s closet has to meet specific requirements that take into account the needs of children and their capabilities. The child’s room is a whole universe. It is not just a place to sleep or play, but a place where the child learns to solve various situations on the everyday level, playing and fantasizing. Here comes the important role of the parents – to teach the child how to organize his toys, books, clothes, and make no mistake – this all starts at a very young age. Every parent knows that it takes a long time and endless repetitions of one and the same – Tidy up your room! The process can be much easier when the kids closet is well organized and in accordance with the tastes and abilities of your child.


Kids closet design ideas – what elements are of greatest importance?


Custom kids closet shelving system organizers storage ideas


We have chosen some kids closet design ideas which will help you with the design and organization system for your own home. Children’s bedroom needs enough space for storing toys, books, paper, and so on. It is important that the kids’ wardrobe is designed with the idea not only to store clothes and belongings but to provide comfortable, functional and efficient organization system, which is also easily accessible. That is, drawers and shelves should fit the growth of the child, to be quite roomy and safe to use.

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When you have children, you are not a stranger to chaos and disorder. These practical ideas for closet systems in the kids’ bedroom can make keeping order much easier. With a little time and effort, children can learn to put away their things in their newly organized closets. Here are the most important elements in a kids’ closet and some useful tips:

Custom kids open shelves ideas storage ideas

Plan the height of the cabinet systems in children’s closet. If your child can not reach a shelf, all things would end up on the floor. It is recommended to use child-friendly products and lower shelves that are easy to reach. Designing a custom closet especially for your children will be a good start if you want them to hang their clothes and put away things.

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Clothes hangers are especially important. Use small sized hangers suitable for their clothes and small hands. Consider a second rod in the closet at a lower level. You can buy one from a store or make one by yourself. Buy bags, baskets, nets and hooks for hanging hats, clothes and the like. Open cupboard systems in kids’ closets are also a good solution.


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Give your child a large closet basket for the shoes, rather than expecting him to use the shoe rack. The shoes will not be neatly organized into pairs, but at least easy enough to find. Use labeled boxes, crates or baskets for storage. The highest shelf is the best place to store unnecessary clothing for other seasons.

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You need to remember that over time, the closet, of course, have to be modified. The child grows and begins to get used to the order.


Kids closet design ideas – how to plan the perfect closet?


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Kids closet design ideas will depend on a number of factors – the available size in the room, the age of the child, the possibilities for customization, etc. In small bedrooms you could opt for custom built wardrobes and storage systems and in bedrooms that have an available closet, it is worth thinking of optimization and closet organizers. The best solution is to choose closet organizers that can “grow” with the child, i. e. shelves with adjustable height, for example, as this will be a considerable cost saving in the future.

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Drawers are an excellent storage idea. You just need to be careful with younger children as they may damage the mechanism of the drawers or hurt their fingers. For small children cabinets with doors and shelves are a better and safer option. Make sure that the distance between the shelves is not too big and they are not overloaded with different things, so that the child can easily put them back on their places.

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When you use storage boxes, it is best if they are transparent, so that the child easily finds the right box. This is quite useful for younger children that cannot read and labels will be useless in such cases. A laundry basket is a good idea if you have the space, as the children will learn to separate clean and dirty clothes. A pair of hooks can be arranged for the daily home clothes, which children will hang so that they do not need to dig in the closet every time.

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A child has a lot of personal belongings – clothes, shoes, toys, sports equipment and all these require a certain space and good storage. It is not advisable that sports equipment is scattered around the kid’s bedroom so think of some space to organize various items like ski, balls, hoops, bicycle, roller skates, rackets or any other sports equipment.

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Good lighting in the kids’ closet is a must. This will make sure that the child will easily find what he needs and put it back. The doors of the kids’ closet should be opened without effort. A hinged door or a sliding door is most convenient and safe option for children.

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In addition, the doors can be used to hide some momentary clutter and chaos. Decorate the doors with drawings, posters of superheroes or princesses or the favorite cartoon characters of your child. This will give the room an aesthetic and cute appearance. It is not recommendable to use glass trims for kids’ closet doors or storage cabinets so that accidental injuries are avoided.


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