DIY clothes stand will successfully replace the wardrobe

by Kremy

DIY clothes stand ideas iron rod wood shelf

Create accents in your interior and experiment with colors and materials. We offer 20 fresh design ideas on how to replace the wardrobe in the bedroom or playroom successfully with a self-made clothes rack. These DIY clothes stand ideas are easy and will add accents to your home.

DIY clothes stand – old furniture recycling

clothes stand ideas clothes organization closet ideas


DIY clothes stands are flexible and can be combined perfectly with modern furnishings. Recycle old furniture, pipes or shelves and turn them into practical racks. Branches can become a rustic décor and a real eye-catcher. Transform the old ladder into a homemade storage unit. You just need to grind off the head with sandpaper and repaint in a strong color – and ready. Old pipes are the perfect addition to the interior in the industrial look. For maximum effect, you can combine the old pipes rack with shoe shelves from wooden pallets. Hang tree branches in the baby room. The design is cute and gives the interior a cozy effect.

DIY clothes stand – simple design ideas from simple materials

purple color bedroom DIY clothes stand

The simpler the design, the better – a DIY clothes stand for a bachelor apartment can be made of wire and metal pipes. The end result is not only modern, it is a nice surprise idea for a birthday or a new apartment. Scandinavian home furnishings will benefit from wooden furniture. The interior will appear open and inviting in this case, so the open self-made racks are a good substitute for the traditional wardrobe. Small apartments or bedrooms can only benefit from these design ideas. Experiment with colors and materials until you find the perfect design.

diy garment rack ideas kids bedroom ideas

 Make a clothes stand from an old ladder – Instructions

purple color DIY clothes stand ideas tips recycled materials


Clothes stand from old pipes and shoe rack from wooden pallets

Storage Ideas DIY clothes stand wooden pallets furniture

Metal pipe is transformed into a modern rack

modern construction instructions

Hanging storage in a modern apartment

simple hanging do it yourself

Industrial chic in the bedroom

rustic furniture industrial look natural stone wall

Materials for crafting a rack

guide Step 1 materials

Old pipes can be recycled and turned into a modern bedroom furniture


Metal pipes in a great bachelor apartment

modern clothes old pipe

Student flat with a rustic rack made of a tree branch

rustic furniture tree branch

The bike gets a new role in the nursery room

kids room furniture DIY

Nursery room ideas- tree branch as an apparel hanger

Sweet Nursery room tree branch

childrens closet

modern bedroom

corridor wardrobe DIY cloting racks umbrella stand

bedroom wardrobe



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