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Rustic hickory kitchen cabinets are especially attractive but beside the striking look, many homeowners choose hickory kitchen cabinets for the excellent properties of the wood and the advantages that it offers in comparison with alternative wood species.

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It is of greatest significance to understand the properties and quality characteristics of different wood species when you choose the wood for your kitchen cabinets. Manufacturers offer many wood species to choose from and each one has its own density, color shades, grain pattern, etc. We will review the advantages of hickory wood and see what will be the advantages if you choose hickory wood for your rustic kitchen.

Rustic hickory kitchen cabinets – Why to choose them?

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Hickory is a wood species growing in the eastern part of the United States. There are more than fifteen species of hickory but not all of them are used for commercial purposes. Hickory is recognized as the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood. Rustic hickory kitchen cabinets are a great choice but we have to see why. Why is hickory wood a good choice? What are the advantages, what are the properties of hickory wood which are beneficial to our home and rustic kitchen design?

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Strength and durability – Hickory wood is known for its strength and shock resistance, and is one of the most popular types of domestic hardwoods which offers high levels of durability. Traditionally, hickory wood was used for a variety of objects which require strength and must take loads – ladders, wagon wheels, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and if modern materials replaced hickory wood in many products, it is still widely used in the manufacturing of chairs, rockers, stools, tables, etc. Hickory wood is highly valued in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture because is nearly as strong as steel but very flexible.

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Density – hickory wood is very dense and strong, with great steam-bending properties and flexibility. Despite the density and hardness, it is considered as moderately heavy which makes it a perfect choice for furniture and cabinetry.

rustic hickory kitchen cabinets rustic kitchen design ideas

Color and texture –Hickory wood comes in wide variations in color-from white to tan, reddish-brown with fine brown lines, even dark brown and coarse texture. Hickory wood may contain random specks, burls, water stains, knots and the bold grain pattern makes each hickory project stand out. Hickory can be sanded and stained and in the gallery below you will see a variety of ideas – from unfinished hickory kitchen cabinets to cabinets in different medium-to-dark finishes and without any doubt, rustic hickory kitchen cabinets will add unique style to any kitchen.


What are the pros and cons of rustic hickory kitchen cabinets?

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Rustic hickory kitchen cabinets offer many benefits and great visual aesthetics. One of the main advantages of hickory cabinets is that the wood itself is stronger than oak or maple, for example. When stained and sealed, the cabinets will last for many years. You can either choose pre-finished cabinets or opt for unfinished hickory cabinets and stain them so that they match the color palette of your kitchen. For modern kitchens with rustic decor, you could choose a more unusual and bold option with horizontally aligned grain pattern to add a feeling of exclusivity and a more artistic touch.

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Those who look for high quality solid wood cabinets should consider hickory as a choice not only for the durability but for the appearance as well. The distinctive streaks of grain make hickory cabinets a great choice when you value the visual appeal of your kitchen interior. You cannot go wrong, if you want to add style to your kitchen interior. Hickory wood adds warmth and whether lighter colored cabinets or cabinets with a dark finish, the atmosphere of the kitchen will be inviting and welcoming.

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A major drawback of rustic hickory kitchen cabinets is the price tag. In general, these cabinets are priced higher than other solid wood cabinet options and if you opted for custom made kitchen cabinets, the price will be even higher. The bold grain pattern may look overwhelming, especially in a small kitchen and visually decrease the space. Some people feel that hickory cabinets and hardwood floors with a distinctive grain are not a good combination as they create a too busy look and too much wood grain. However, with a careful planning and a good design, this problem can be easily overcome.

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In terms of maintenance, hickory kitchen cabinets do require some attention. Abrasive scrubber or cleansers should be avoided in order to prevent scratching or marring the surface. Harsh chemicals should not be used as they may damage the wood surface. A solution of warm water and mild detergent is the best way to maintain the perfect appearance of your hickory cabinets. Products containing bleach should be avoided as well.


There are many reasons to choose rustic hickory kitchen cabinets. They will give you the simplicity, the earthy natural tones, the amazing wood grain and the entire room will appear warm and comfortable. The majority of people realize the importance of an inviting and cozy kitchen as this is the place where all family members gather several times during the day around the table. Rustic hickory cabinets are a great way to combine the retro charm, modern comfort and functionality. They may look simple and efficient, but never dull. The neutral color of wood is the perfect drawback for color accents, wood works with almost any other material, and in a rustic kitchen décor you can add a variety of accessories, baskets, pottery or tile work to create an original kitchen design with an authentic charm.

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