Pallet Christmas tree ideas – creative DIY Christmas decorations

by Kremy

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Pallet Christmas tree ideas are the perfect DIY Christmas project for everyone who wants to get out of the traditional Christmas decorations and craft a Christmas tree on his own. Waiting for Christmas, we make lists of gifts for family and friends, think of this year’s festive decoration – the theme, the colors, the materials, but the centerpiece of every Christmas décor is the Christmas tree. You can choose a real one and get it from a farm or buy it at the market, you can use your artificial tree which you bought years ago or you can choose an alternative  which will be original, interesting and unusual.

Pallet Christmas tree ideas – easy and affordable DIY projects

pallet christmas tree ideas how to make pallet wood christmas tree instructions


We selected 20 pallet Christmas tree ideas which will come to aid anyone who plans an original decoration for the holidays. Christmas craft ideas are so many, you can make your own ornaments to decorate your wooden pallet tree, you can ask your children to help you with the project and have a fun time together. Pallets are cheap and versatile as a material for various DIY pallet wood furniture projects, but as you will see, they are a very popular material for making decorations. Many people around the world have been fascinated by the idea and you can choose from many different ideas. Some of them are very easy and suitable for beginners while others will require some tools and skills. After the holidays, you can store your wooden pallet Christmas tree in the closet, on the attic or under a bed and use it again next year or upcycle the pallet wood and use it for another pallet wood craft project.

Pallet Christmas tree ideas – easy crafts and activities

pallet diy ideas upcycling

One of the easiest pallet Christmas tree ideas is to use white (or green) paint and paint a silhouette on the pallet itself. You can even draw the ornaments and garlands or decorate it with felt ornaments, balls or other tree decorations.

pallet ideas easy diy christmas tree

Some pallet Christmas trees will require more attention and skills. You will have to disassemble the pallet, measure and cut the slats at the desired size, paint the wooden parts in white or green and assemble your hand-made tree. Do not forget that you will need a stable base to make sure the tree will not fall down. You can use spray paint, Christmas lights, garlands, various ornaments and decorations to make your tree really festive. The great thing about Christmas trees made from pallets is that they can be placed either indoors or outdoors. They do not need to be watered or taken care of, but will add to the good and joyful holiday mood. Enjoy the gallery and find the idea that you like most!

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