DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas – cool pallet furniture designs

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DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas for a variety of reasons get more and more popular. Some people like the rustic style and are attracted to the worn out appearance of old pallets while others need a cheap furniture piece which has its own unique history and charm. A third group of people are the DIY project fans, who would love to create chic and at the same time individual furniture and use the technical skills and expertise that they have. True, making furniture from wooden pallets does not require much effort or special tools and this is one of the reasons for the great popularity of all kinds of DIY pallet wood projects. With a jigsaw, hammer and a screwdriver you are well equipped and can create your own and unique furniture pieces. We will show you some great DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas which may inspire you and give you useful ideas for organizing the books in your home.


DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas – creative DIY furniture designs

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Like any kind of furniture, pallet bookshelves can be built in two ways. Part of DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas feature designs with whole pallets and the other half features home made furniture pieces using the wood from disassembled pallets. The advantage of the first method is that it is practically effortless while the great benefit of the second method is that you can customize the size of your pallet bookshelf to fit exactly in the available space that you have in the room. In addition, disassembling pallets provides wider opportunities to construct original and cute bookshelves. Fans of DIY furniture ideas have seen many pallet furniture projects – pallet wood sofas, pallet coffee tables, pallet wood furniture for indoors and outdoors and depending on the experience and skills you can choose a simple or a complex project. Pallet wood bookshelves are a very practical solution for children’s rooms, teen rooms, summer homes, etc. A common misunderstanding is that pallet wood furniture looks too rustic or too shabby. It only depends on the particular design and the idea in your head what you want your DIY furniture to look like. We see pallet furniture pieces in Shabby chic interiors, in rustic interiors and exteriors, and even in modern interiors pallet wood adds a special character.


We all know that wooden pallets are structures that are used for storage and transportation of various cargoes. The transformation of the wooden pallet in a good looking, colorful furniture may not be as difficult as you think because pallet furniture is a fresh solution. You can successfully combine a DIY pallet bookshelf with other furniture and you can either paint your handmade bookshelf to match your existing interior and furniture or choose a bright color for a visual accent. Leaving the wood as it is can be the simplest and best working solution as pallets are made of wood species like birch, pine, larch, juniper and each one has its own unique grain and texture. You could sand the pallet wood and stain it in a shade which will bring out the beauty of the grain.


DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas – practical tips how to make a bookshelf


People who love reading like to keep their books clean, tidy and organized not only because of the books’ value but to be able to find the book they need. On the other hand, bookshelves are a necessary piece of furniture for every child’s room. Depending on the age of the child, the bookshelf can be small or wall mounted, but respecting the books and placing them on the shelf is something that parents should teach their children at younger age. There is no better way to organize books than placing them on a bookshelf.


DIY Pallet bookshelf ideas have the advantage of offering a cool solution at a minimal cost. Pallets are affordable, easy to find and you get solid wood furniture at very low price. If you know how to handle pallet wood, you will be able to make a bookshelf in a weekend. Here are some useful tips and instructions how to make a pallet bookshelf. Basically, the process involves a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Planning the design of your DIY pallet wood bookshelf


Measure the available space where you want to place the bookshelf. Draw the design on a piece of paper to visualize your idea. Do you want a simple wall mounted shelf or you plan a big wall bookshelf from floor to ceiling? May be you have in mind a sectional bookshelf with more artistic design? A sketch will help you see the idea and how it will work with the rest of the furniture.

Step 2 – Buy the pallets and disassemble them


Depending on the design and the size of the pallet wood bookshelf, buy the necessary number of pallets. It is time to think about what to cut and what to keep out of it. Use a crowbar and a hammer to disassemble the wood. Remember that pallets come in different in sizes. Remove all the nails and measure the wood slats to see if you have enough material for your pallet bookshelf.

Step 3 – Sand and paint

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It is advisable to sand and stain or paint the pallet wood before you assemble your bookshelf. Use a sander, clean the slats from dust and stain or paint them. You can use impregnation, stain or varnish – it all depends on what effect you want to achieve. Pallet wood can be quite porous, so different impregnation emphasized its structure. After you treated them with stain or varnish, let them dry completely.

Step 4 – make the pallet bookshelf


Assemble your pallet bookshelf as per your plan and the sketch that you draw. Polishers remove all sharp edges and smooth the surface the shelves. Once the shelf is completely dry it can be hung on the wall with the help of dowels and screws. If it is not a wall mounted bookshelf, just place it in the room and it is ready to be used!










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