Forward facing bookshelf ideas – cool kids room furniture design

by Kremy

Forward facing bookshelf ideas kids bedroom furniture

Forward facing bookshelf ideas are the perfect furniture choice for kids’ rooms, playrooms or a kid’s reading corner. Reading books is a fun activity for kids and we all know that this is very important for developing their imagination, creativity, memory skills, etc. In addition to all that, it is the parent who has to provide accessible storage for the books of the child which will be comfortable to use and will help in organizing the kid’s room. The market offers a wide variety of bookcases, shelves and accessories that can help you organize a lovely reading corner for your children and add a nice touch to their personal space.


Forward facing bookshelf ideas – easy access and convenience


Forward facing bookshelf DIY book racks kids bedroom


Forward facing bookshelf ideas offer the great advantage that even toddlers can arrange their books and young children can group the books by colors or some other way. Front facing bookshelves are a great method of displaying the books and children can find easily a specific book. Instead of leaving empty walls in the children’s room, you can install forward facing bookshelves at different height suitable for the age and height of your kids. Forward facing bookshelves are a simple way to arrange book organizers for kids. On a typical bookshelf the books are usually organizes with their side and it is difficult for a child to find a book. Front facing bookshelves organize the books with their cover facing forward, kids can easily recognize them and books can be chosen by the pictures on the cover.

Forward facing bookshelf ideas kids bedroom reading corner

You can buy front facing bookshelves in most furniture stores or opt for a DIY project. If you need forward facing bookshelf plans you will find many ideas on the internet and in a couple of hours you can make your own bookshelf. Salvaged wood, plywood – all these are a good option for a DIY project and you can have the bookshelf painted in any color that will work with the color scheme of the kids’ room.


Forward facing bookshelf ideas – store the books in a fun way

Forward facing bookshelf ideas fabric book holders

Forward facing bookshelf ideas include creative examples of wall mounted book racks, freestanding bookshelves as well as really cute customized front facing bookshelves with original design. If you looked around the house, a piece of colorful fabric can be used to craft hanging pockets allows for children’s books. This storage method is exceptionally child friendly, because there are no sharp corners on shelves, where the children can hurt themselves by accident. Moreover, you can choose the dimensions of the bookshelves so that they fit to the available space in the room. For example, you can have a different bookshelf for every child in different colors or with their name on the bookshelf – painted or embroidered. Look at the forward facing bookshelf ideas in the gallery below to get inspired for a fun DIY craft project and organize the books in the kids’ room!



wall mounted bookcase Forward kids bedroom

small forward facing bookshelf ideas wall mounted book racks

shelf bookrack front facing bookshelf playroom furniture

shelf bookrack forward facing bookshelf kids bedroom

nursery room furniture front facing bookshelves

front book organizer kids bedroom

Forward storage rack toy storage baskets

Forward nursery room

Forward kids room reading corner

Forward front facing bookshelves kids furniture

Forward DIY bookshelves kids furniture

Forward wall mounted book rack

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Forward book rack DIY kids furniture

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