Unfinished wood furniture – affordable furniture for every home

by Kremy


Unfinished wood furniture is not the first choice of people when they plan the furnishings in their homes. However, this can be a very good choice because you can get solid wood furniture at a lower price than the pre-finished furniture. To many people this is a solid reason to choose unfinished wood furniture and in addition, it can be customized and finished in such a way so that it works with the rest of the furniture in the room.

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Unpainted furniture is suitable for many design styles and many manufacturers and retailers offer unfinished pieces of all kinds – cabinetry, tables, chairs, TV stands, dining furniture sets, etc. Further to that, the realization that “wood furniture” does not necessarily mean solid wood is another reason why people tend to choose unfinished wood furniture. It is true that plywood and particleboard furniture is made of wood which is shaved into particles and compressed together, but the quality and lifespan of the material cannot be compared with solid wood.


What are the advantages of unfinished wood furniture?


When choosing unfinished wood furniture you may have hesitations and it is understandable as we are all used to pre-finished pieces. There are several advantages that unfinished wood furniture has to offer and the biggest one is the lower price. When you are looking for budget friendly options, unfinished furniture will save you a considerable amount of money. Another big advantage is the wide variety of options to choose from. Unfinished wood furniture is manufactured from a variety of hardwoods – alder, ash, beech, birch, maple, oak, pine, mahogany – and each one has with its own unique and distinctive grain pattern and color. The unique beauty of the grain patterns is sometimes lost when the furniture is pre-painted.


The opportunity to apply or not apply a finish, whether shellac, stain, varnish, oil, wax or lacquer, is another advantage which attracts many customers to unfinished wood furniture. People can buy one piece at a time and match the color of the finish even if they chose furniture made of different wood species, produced by different manufacturers and each new piece will work in harmony with the ones that they already have.


How to paint unfinished wood furniture?



Unfinished wood furniture is a great way to show your creativity and individuality. Even if you bought the same console table or a solid wood dining table as your neighbor, for example, you can personalize it with a finish that will make it unique. When you plan to apply a finish, you need to follow some basic rules, so that your piece looks beautiful.


Usually unfinished wood furniture is sold pre-assembled so it is very likely that you will not have to deal with assembling. Remove the dust from the surface. Before applying a finish, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Try to match your new piece of unpainted wood furniture to other pieces in your home so think about the best type of finish. Apply a coat of primer and let it dry completely. After that you can apply the final finish and again, let it dry completely before you start using your new piece.



















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