Poolside Landscape and Decor Ideas – Stylish Recreation Area Designs

by Kremy

An open-air living room next to the pool is the perfect recipe for high-end relaxation. Just think – a warm evening, refreshing drinks, delicious snacks and great company! What else could you possibly need? Poolside landscape and decor ideas are as diverse as homeowners’ individualities. We shall look at the main elements that can help you create a beautiful and practical pool exterior that will make your rest even more enjoyable, especially when the summer is really hot.

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Depending on your own ideas for the design of the recreation area and financial capabilities, the amount of free time and the size of the backyard, you need to decide how your area around the pool will look. There are really many options, but it is important to consider not only the visual effect of beautiful projects, but also safety, comfort and convenience.

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One of the main considerations is to match the style of your exterior with the architectural style of your home and garden. Modern pools are the perfect complement to new architecture and design. Pools with geometric shapes can fit perfectly into the landscape. Glass walled tanks will also be amazing. U-shaped pools are ideal for relaxing and spending time with friends. The rectangular shape is the most functional. It is also the easiest option to maintain but if you prefer a free form pool, just go for it! Do not forget that today architects and designers can offer ecological solutions that will ensure relaxation in harmony with nature.

Poolside landscape and decor ideas – how to plan the perfect exterior?

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One of the best things a homeowner can do is start with a general plan and sketch out his Poolside landscape and decor ideas. There is no need to draw the perfect landscape design, a pencil and a sheet of paper are enough and you will have a rough visualization of how your pool area will look. It may sound like a difficult task but in fact, you need to start with a few simple questions.

What are your pool and outdoor activities? Do you prefer to lie down beside the pool with a book and relax by the water or you love entertaining family and friends?

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Outdoor lounge furniture with huge soft pillows is ideal for those who want to rest in style. Lunch by the pool can be a great pleasure. While some are enjoying the flavor of the snacks, others can cool off in the pond. So you need a large table and chairs, preferably lightweight and foldable, that you can store in your garage or basement when the weather is bad.

Decorations around the pool? Why not! Natural look bet. Yucca palms or large potted plants will create a pleasant, somewhat exotic atmosphere.

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Are you going to use the pool at night? What lighting do you prefer? Romantic or practical? Proper lighting will help create a beautiful romantic atmosphere and make your evenings by the pool more enjoyable, but that’s not all! Additional lights will help illuminate the plants around the pool or the most beautiful corners of the garden.

How to decorate the pool area – materials, furniture and decorative elements

Poolside landscape how to plan the perfect exterior

The type of finishing materials used around the pool is very important. Obviously, you need to select materials that are resistant to prolonged exposure to water and moisture. The most popular choices are wood (properly protected), stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Since people walk around the pool mostly barefoot, the hygiene requirements are also very high. The materials must have anti-slip properties and be easy to clean. Environmental safety is no less important – whatever you choose, it should not contain or release substances hazardous to health. Last, but not least, the visual aesthetics should match the surrounding landscape.

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As we already mentioned, poolside landscape and decor ideas differ in style – tropical, Mediterranean, classic, modern, etc. Plants around the pool add to the visual appeal of your outdoor area and enhance the selected style. When choosing your plants, you need to keep in mind the local climate as well and select sun-loving or shade-loving plants, flowers and shrubs. The most practical are potted plants – Cabbage tree (Cordyline australis), Hibiscus, Yucca gloriosa and oleander are ideal for pots, juniper in boxes, and agapanthus in small wide clay bowls. Avoid planting rough vegetation around the pool as leaves and plant debris will clog the bottom and walls of the pool.

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Recreation area by the pool is another major element of the exterior design. After swimming you will certainly want to sunbathe or have a refreshing drink. This means that you need the right furniture/architectural elements like gazebo, sun loungers, lounge furniture, umbrella, pergola with shading, etc. The recreation area may also include a barbecue, a fireplace, dining furniture and so on.

Poolside landscape and decor ideas stylish designs

Lighting will make sure that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space at night. You can place light sources around the pool, alongside pathways and stairs, next to trees or decorative elements of the garden; next to the sun loungers, etc.

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Creating a beautifully designed space around your pool is not difficult. It is important to decide exactly what you want, and the budget that is needed for this. Look at the Poolside landscape and decor ideas in the photo gallery and use them as an inspiration for your exterior!


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