Glazed Balcony Window Treatment Ideas – What is the Best Option?

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Glazed balcony window treatment ideas come in numerous variations. How to choose the perfect protection for your balcony? The fact is that proper window treatment completes the look of this space, significantly change its appearance and create a cozy atmosphere. Speaking of balconies in modern homes, especially in apartment buildings, we know that they undoubtedly expand the living space of the owners. To protect the area from the elements most often balconies are glazed which provides insulation and allows the occupants of the home use the space all year round.

glazed balcony window treatment ideas

Many apartment owners choose to renovate their balconies by adding paned glass or various types of screens to enclose the balcony. Glazing systems add living space and allow you to create a cozy and comfortable space. Such systems are cost-efficient, attractive and provide many benefits to customers – sound reduction, reduced energy, heating and maintenance costs, etc.

Glazed balcony window treatment ideas – simple rules to follow when choosing the option for your home

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When choosing window treatment for your balcony, there are some general rules that you need to keep in mind. Decide what the best length of your window treatment is. Generally, you can select short or long variations. Short length curtains or shades are very convenient and practical and a good choice for small balconies where you need to save space. Floor-length options create a unique comfort and certainly add a lot of charm and character to the design.

For balconies located on the south side, it is better to choose products made of denser materials that provide good protection from the sun.

North-facing windows can be decorated with lightweight curtains.

This space accumulates more dust so do not choose double-layer curtains that are too lush.

It is advisable to decorate a small balcony with simple models and avoid dense curtains or drapes.

balcony design and decor ideas window treatment tips

When choosing window treatment for your balcony you need to remember that this space is a continuation of the apartment. It is most logical to choose something that matches the style and color palette of your home. In addition, with the help of color or print, you can change the space and make it more comfortable. To do this, you need to remember a few rules:

  • The use of light colors makes the space visually larger.
  • If your interior is in warm colors, choose warm tones for your balcony window treatment and vice versa.
  • A small pattern visually increases the size of the window.
  • Horizontal stripes and wide prints add width to the room while vertical ones add height and make the ceiling look higher.
  • For balconies facing north, it is better if you choose warm shades, as they add light and comfort. For a sunny balcony, you can choose both warm and cold colors.
  • Balcony window treatments can be manufactured from different materials.
  • Plastic is the most common option. Plastic blinds for the balcony are convenient, affordable and of good quality. They are easy to care for, easy and quick to clean.
  • Fabric is exceptionally practical. It is easy to clean and the choice of colors, patterns and designs is practically, unlimited.
  • Metal blinds are easy to maintain. Inexpensive aluminum balcony blinds are resistant to environmental influences. They are reliable and practical.

Balcony window treatment ideas – a combination between appearance and functionality

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Arranging a rather small space requires a lot of attention and we have showed you many ideas for the design and décor of a small balcony. We would like to pay special attention to balcony window treatment ideas because they have important functions – protection from prying eyes, protection from excessive sunlight, attractive appearance of the space.

What is the best window treatment for your balcony so that it is both cozy and protected from the sun? Properly selected curtains, blinds or shades play a significant role in the design. On balconies, as a rule, there are more windows than in rooms, so your window treatment should provide protection against excess light and create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of classic curtains you can add lightness and sophistication, shades will reliably protect you from sunlight and roller blinds will protect you from prying eyes. Let’s have a look at the most popular options, their advantages and disadvantages and see which variety is best for your home.

Balcony window treatment ideas – curtains and drapes

Glazed balcony window treatment ideas curtains and drapes

Modern curtains and drapes come in a huge variety of materials, colors and prints. They can be used as an independent decorative element. Tulle and organza let in air and sunlight, they are lightweight and create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

Among the fabric curtains, in addition to the usual tulle and organza, you can choose natural materials like cotton and linen. Linen curtains are resistant to sunlight, cotton also tolerates the elements, but it has one drawback – it fades quickly.

Velvet and velor are used for sewing Roman blinds. Due to their dense structure, such curtains will perfectly protect from sun rays on the south side. The worst choices of fabric for balcony curtains are wool and silk. Wool does not tolerate the scorching sun, and silk loses strength under the influence of sunlight, moreover, it is not cheap.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds for your balcony windows

Vertical blinds are an excellent balcony window treatment. You can close the entire balcony from sunlight with one movement of your hand. They are easy to care for and come in almost any color and texture.

Roman shades

Roman shades are often used to decorate balcony windows

Roman shades are often used to decorate balcony windows. They easily fold up and are hung separately on each window, without interfering with their opening. When raised, the fabric creates graceful draperies which look beautiful on the balcony windows. Roman shades are mainly made from natural materials, which is why they are such a popular choice for balcony window treatment.

Bamboo roller shades

Eco friendly and decorative bamboo roller shades

Eco-friendly and decorative bamboo roller shades also meet all modern trends and effectively complement the interior of the balcony. They are an effective solution for balcony windows. In terms of resistance to moisture and light exposure, they have no equal. Bamboo roller shades are environmentally friendly and do not emit any harmful substances. They are ideal for apartments where people suffer from allergies.

Roller blinds

balcony window treatment ideas roller blinds pros and cons

Balcony roller blinds deserve special attention, because their assortment is able to satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated customers. Blinds with varying degrees of light transmission not only perfectly protect the balcony from the scorching rays of the sun but also radically change the design of the space and give it a very stylish look. The convenient roller mechanism allows the fabric to roll smoothly into a compact roll. Usually roller blinds are manufactured from a fabric with a special impregnation which protects them from burning out and collecting dust.

Aluminum shutters

Aluminum shutters for balconies design and decor ideas

Aluminum shutters for balconies offer several advantages. On the first place, they are light and durable, easy to install and work with. Aluminum shutters reflects a lot of sunlight, which makes them very efficient heat reflectors. Their sleek appearance makes them ideal for homes decorated in modern style. Last, but not least, aluminum shutters are a cost-effective solution for your balcony. Their strength and resistance means that you will not have to maintain them regularly, which will save you money in the long run.

Plantation shutters

plantation shutters advantages balcony window treatments

Plantation shutters may sound as an unusual choice for balcony windows as they are most often used for patio doors or sliding glass doors. However, if that is your choice, you can be certain that due to their classic and timeless design they will never go out of fashion. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and a great choice for protecting the balcony against heat in summer. They are excellent for privacy protection and can be adjusted to allow in more or less light.



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