Modern restaurant decoration – the Lemongrass restaurant in Indonesia

by Kremy

Modern restaurant decoration Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates

A modern restaurant decoration impresses with creativity and respect to Nature. Today we present you the Lemongrass restaurant design – an elegant establishment, decorated by Einstein & Associates. The joint is located in Bogor, in West Java, Indonesia next to Bogor Presidential Palace and the famous botanical garden of Bogor. It’s design is inspired by the city of Bogor itself and is a true tropical paradise.

Modern restaurant decoration in Indonesia

modern restaurant tropical decoration ideas


The architecture, interior and landscape design of Lemongrass are simply unique. The tropical architecture and modern restaurant decoration with many colors and green plants, is specially created to blend with the natural surroundings. The open plan building is located in the heart of a beautiful tropical garden to remove the boundaries between outdoor and indoor space.

Modern restaurant decoration – a fascinating outdoor area

Modern restaurant decoration Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates outdoor area

The diner is divided into four main parts – a main indoor room, outdoor dining area, a dining room on the upper level and a dining area to the roof. Upon entering, your walk is passing through a tropical corridor that will awaken your senses with the sound of water from a swimming pool and the smell of nature. The modern restaurant decoration features natural materials such as wood, natural stone and terracotta tiles which are the key elements of the design and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A peacock mosaic floor, bursting with color is a special highlight in the interior. Enjoy the photos of this exceptional place.


decoration ideas modern restaurant design Lemongrass

Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates peacock floor

spectacular flooring peacock pattern Lemongrass

interior wood furniture decorative flooring

nterior design stone wall wood cladding Lemongrass

interior design ideas Lemongrass Indonesia

interior design ideas modern furniture

modern decor ideas outdoor area Lemongrass

modern decor ideas Lemongrass Indonesia indoor outdoor transition

creative interior design ideas dining room

Modern Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates interior

Modern Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates exterior

Lemongrass by Einstein and Associates interior ideas

Lemongrass decoration by Einstein and Associates

beautiful interior natural materials

outdoor pool modern decoration ideas

original decoration ideas outdoor dining area


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