Landscape design and backyard patios ideas 2015

by Kremy

contemporary backyard patio 2015 ideas lawn pool lighting ideas

What is the latest in landscape design and backyard patios ideas 2015? Are you following the latest innovations and trends in outdoor decorating? We will give you a quick review so that you are in line with the hottest ideas for splendid outdoor designs.

 Backyard patios ideas 2015 – how to improve the decor of your garden

modern outdoor kitchen ideas backyard patios ideas 2015


There are endless possibilities for creating fabulous exteriors and backyard patios ideas 2015 feature some ideas which are not only creative but cost effective as well. The Mediterranean style and the Beach style are getting enormous popularity.

outdoor patio decor Mediterranean style backyard pool furniture plants

To transform your patio into a fabulous Mediterranean outdoor area, you can add new decorative items and accessories. Upholstery in striped pattern are perfect for these design styles. Terracotta pots will add a Tuscan flair.

 vegetable herb garden backyard ideas design landscape trends

Plants can change the whole atmosphere of the backyard. Blooming flowers and pots with pretty flowers will make your patio quite cozy and welcoming. Herb gardens are also very trendy. Lavender and sage, basil and rosemary would be the perfect fragrant addition to your outdoor area. More and more gardeners are trying to invite butterflies, birds and bees in their gardens, especially after the statements of experts that the bee population is at risk around the world. One of the favorite plants for butterflies and bees is the wild basil “African Blue”. Violets are the first choice for many butterflies. Yarrow and hyssop are exceptionally attractive to bees. Use plants and hedges to create more privacy in your garden. Many designers respond to this growing demand by creating a variety of designs for vertical greening. Evergreen hedges with holly and beech trees remain a popular choice.

 Backyard patios ideas 2015 – Outdoor kitchen and furniture

backyard patios outdoor kitchen dining furniture


Backyard patios ideas 2015 feature outdoor kitchens as this is often the most important area for many people. The size is different but the equipment is of high quality and convenience and functionality are the main characteristics.

backyard patios ideas Mediterranean style iron furniture

Classic cast iron and wicker or more modern choices like aluminum and teak are available in white, cream or ivory colors. Teal, lime green or orange hues give a more natural look and are also widely used.

backyard patios ideas landscape design water features

Water features are perfect way to add the tranquil sounds of water. Of course we have to mention the open fire and you can opt for either a super modern firepit or a classic fireplace.

landscape lighting water feature waterfall garden rocks

Last but not least – outdoor lighting – LED accent lights can create new focal points in your garden and you have to take advantage of these additional ways to add more charm to your backyard!

 contemporary patio design trends ideas outdoor furniture wood

 Lush green plants in the backyard

Backyard patio ideas pergola climbing plants

Deck flooring and patio furniture

patio design 2015 wooden deck swing bed pergola

 Modern firepit

modern patio design trends outdoor lounge furniture table firepit

 Contemporary furniture design

creative artistic patio decor birch trees contemporary outdoor furniture

Fire and water combination

modern backyard design pool firepit outdoor furniture ideas

modern patio design herb garden ideas wooden deck

modern water feature backyard patios ideas

backyard patios ideas 2015 white exterior sun loungers outdoor dining furniture

backyard patios ideas contemporary patio modern fireplace

backyard patio design trends pavers fireplace outdoor furniture

backyard design wooden pergola green upholstery bamboo trees




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