Modern garden lighting ideas – awesome LED landscape lighting

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LED landscape lighting in the garden transforms an ordinary garden into a romantic place for stunning evenings. At the same time you also get a certain amount of security while you go home. Lighting along the garden path or at the entrance, delicate shades of light scattered in the garden will give you even more unforgettable moments outdoors. The season to spend longer periods in the open air is making us think how to arrange the best appearance and atmosphere of our garden. Look at the photos and get inspired to create a cozy and modern patio with unforgettable ambience.

 Awesome LED landscape lighting ideas

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LED landscape lighting plays an important role in the design of your garden or patio area. It looks exciting and inspiring and would make you feel like just staying the whole evening outside. With LED lights you can set accents toward a tree or a flower-bed, or toward garden statues or hedge plants along the path. Led lights are a creative way to arrange impressive decor in the patio. You can use colored lights to illuminate certain parts of the garden and make them stand out. Lanterns in various retro shapes or futuristic designs will provide a safe, but also magical homecoming route.

Pros of LED landscape lighting

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There are many benefits if you opt for LED landscape lighting. One of the main advantages is the low power consumption. LED lights use about 90% less than the consumption of a conventional light bulb. Outdoor LED lights have extremely long lifetime – around and over 50,000 hours, depending on the protection against overheating and moisture. In addition to that, the great durability makes LED lights are practically unbreakable. They do not need replacement and this means you are saving additional costs. LED landscape lighting can be adjusted so that the strength of illumination is between 60-100%. Finally, LED lights do not contaminate the environment, which is of great significance.

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LED garden lighting creates an inviting atmosphere, illuminates the most beautiful design elements outdoors and creates a magnificent ambience. A successful lighting concept is designed in accordance with the garden layout. The planning begins before flowers, trees and shrubs are planted at all. With indirect lighting flowers and trees can become magical accents in the evening. Since it is decorative lighting in this case, solar lights or LED spotlights can be installed – this saves energy and these lights are extremely durable.


Contemporary outdoor  light fixtures design


  Garden path lighting

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 Light efficiency and decorative effect in the outdoor area


 Contemporary patio decor ideas

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Modern patio deck lighting

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Awesome lighting in the backyard








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