Garden design – 110 pictures, beautiful landscape ideas and styles

by Kremy

landscaping ideas sitting area fountain stone gabions fence

Landscape design is a delicate art, which allows you to turn an ordinary piece of land in a real paradise with its own character and personality, filled with a special tranquility and harmony. One can understand all the characteristics of landscape design and take advantage of the knowledge to create his own oasis at home. This is due to the fact that every house and every plot have their own individual characteristics. The beautiful garden design needs a careful planning and online research. You want a well-ordered garden with strong lines and clear structure, not an arbitrary collection of plants, don’t you? Look at the 110 images and ideas on garden design, which we have compiled.


 Modern architecture and garden design

landscaping ideas walkway lawn area garden pergola flowerbeds


First, decide whether you want to create a formal or informal atmosphere in the garden. The informal designs follow the natural terrain and use long, curved, flowing lines for the flower beds. Formal garden designs use straight, geometric lines and symmetry. Consider the style of your home and choose the right style.

 Terraces and garden design

garden furniture terrace pool privacy protection fence

Drawing or plan with a software the location of the plant areas in the garden design. Also draw the house and other structures that will be in contact with the planted areas. Avoid intricate shapes and tight corners, because they are difficult to maintain. Make your flower beds at least 1 meter wide. Beds wider than 3 meters should have some kind of walkway, path, or clear area to allow access. Plan the walkways, patios, sitting areas and any garden structures.

Interesting decoration against the green garden wall

garden design pictures fence cut pipes lush planting

The perennials usually take one of the two forms – a boundary or an island. High plants should be arranged at the back and low – at the front. An island is surrounded on all sides by an open area. As an island, it is visible from all sides. Plant high flowers in the middle and low – on the edge. Choose flowers in such ways that would draw the eye immediately.

Moss walls

japanese garden design wood flooring moss green walls


Next, you decide whether your garden design will follow a consistent theme and style. This is determined by the type of plants, recognizable design features and materials. The informal garden styles are cottage gardens, rock gardens and butterfly gardens. English, Mediterranean, Greek, Roman and Japanese gardens have a formal structure.

Article overview:
1. Zen and Japanese garden
2. Formal Garden
3. Tropical Palm Garden
4. Small garden
5. Modern garden design
6. Cozy sitting areas in the garden
7. Decorations and beautiful highlights
8. Front yard design


 zen garden sand stone buddha

Decorative bird statues

Asian style pond stones birds

Mini maze with garden rocks

zen rock garden mini maze garten ideas

 White pebble stones

Zen Japanese pebble stones Japanese pine brick wall

 Bamboo pergola

zen bamboo pergola sand gravel flooring

Large rocks covered with moss

zen design stones moss covered sand waveforms

 Stone slabs and wisteria tree

Japanese stone plates and white gravel stones

Small pond and bonsai tree

Japanese pond features stones bonsai tree

 Bamboo plants in pots

Japanese garden small bamboo tree buddha statue

Walkway idea in the Japanese garden

Japanese garden walkway idea stone slabs blocks

Blooming shrubs

Japanese garden path stone slabs bushes

Large rocks as garden decoration

Japanese garden moss stone white pebble pond

Small stone bridge

Japanese garden ideas stone bridge gravel stones

Small koi pond

Japanese garden ideas stepping stones

Glass ball fountain

landscaping ideas small glass ball fountain wooden pergola

Zen rock garden design patio landscaping ideas

japanese garden design ideas patio landscape zen


formal garden decoration ball with flowers island

Symmetrical flower pots

English garden symmetrical lines boxwood hedges

Formal garden in England

English garden hedges walkways brick wall

White and blue hydrangeas

pictures formal English garden

Small bird fountain as a highlight

traditional landscaping ideas water fountain

Boxwood hedges define the zones

hedges fountain center bench

Pergola and path

 pergola planters boxwood ball

Gravel path and island beds

symmetric design island perennial flower beds

Brick flooring

plant island red brick flooring pots

Low and a high hedge

 ideas privacy protection high hedges

Tall trees surround the sitting area

 ideas benches privacy protection stone slabs

English garden with symmetrical design

English style pictures little pond boxwood ball pots

raised bed designs patio landscape ideas


tropical water feature fountain stone concrete walkway

 Garden with pool and tropical plants

tropical pools palm torches stone walkway

Wall and roof greening

patio design lounge chairs palm trees wooden path

Lush palm garden

palm tropical atmosphere lawn walkway stepping stones

Stepping stones in the grass

palm idea walkway concrete slabs square shape

landscaping ideas bench palm trees stone wall

Illuminated palm trees in the garden

palm pictures outdoor tree lightings

Dynamic mix of materials

landscaping ideas water gravel palm house bathtub


small lawn bench fence privacy protection

Define zones

small design ideas wooden fence brick wall shrubs

Different plants and zones

 palms bamboo trees island

Wooden benches and stone slabs

small stone tiles wooden bench water pond

Narrow pool with two chairs

 pool pictures small pool lounge chairs


 ideas vertical wall terrace levels

Outdoor fireplace as a focal point

 pictures terrace ideas plaster

Modern lighting and furniture

patio design outdoor furniture fireplace wooden deck

 Screening in an urban garden

patio ideas privacy protection bamboo plants dining area

Geometric shapes

modern hydrangea pool gravel

Define areas with grass between the flagstones

modern landscaping stone slabs flooring hedge fence

Wooden deck around the lawn

modern landscaping lawn perennials stone slabs

Lights under the trees

 lawn boxwood ball perennials shrubs

Aluminum pergola covered with climbing plants

garden design terrace design metal pergola wooden deck

Raised flower beds and wooden fence

modern wooden fence privacy protection

Different levels and raised flower beds

garden design different levels gravel stones

Terrace design in two levels

 design symmetric lawn stairs balls ideas

Patio sitting area

modern ideas pictures sitting area

Green wall in the small garden

garden design ideas vertical greening boxwood hedges

 Raised levels and perennials

landscaping ideas wooden benches water feature gravel


patio design stone flooring sitting area fireplace

Wooden pergola in the garden

patio design pictures wooden pergola outdoor furniture

Under the tree shade

garden terrace tiles boxwood hedges tree shadow

White wrought iron garden furniture

garden sitting area furniture wrought iron

Mini garden on the table

 privacy protection perennials mini garden on the table

Black iron furniture

 furniture iron stone tiles flooring privacy protection

 Romantic garden lighting with fairy lights

garden pergola wooden furniture outdoor lighting

White flowers create beautiful contrasts

 white flower wooden pergola

Outdoor dining area

 ideas pergola perennial boxwood hedge

Large wooden pergola with curtains

wooden pergola outdoor furniture curtains

 Rustic bench

 romantic rustic bench

Lush plantings surrounds the seating area

 ideas small pond stone seats

Stepping stones in the grass

garden path ideas sitting area iron urniture

garden design wooden deck outdoor furniture ideas

garden path ideas painting wave perennials

Small pond

garden ideas pond lilly chess pattern

Small garden pond with wooden bridge

 patio design little pond bridge

Painted stone balls in the flower bed

 decoration ideas colorful painted stone balls

An old bicycle as decoration

garden ideas old bike decoration clay pots

Garden rocks and pond

 idea little pond flowers natural stone cherub

Stone river

landscaping ideas path stones low plants

 Garden fountains with pebbles mosaic

 ideas wells gravel mosaic


front yard design ideas stones perennials veranda wooden pergola

Classic fence and garden gate

front yard design beech trees pots fence gate

Design on a slope

front yard design ideas shrubs large stones accents

Window plants

front yard ideas window flowers beech trees

Climbing plants and low white flowers

small low wall white perennial


Modern garden patio design perennials wooden deck

Interesting hillside

sloping ideas gravel stones shrubs trees

 Plant shrubs along the garden fence

sloping garden design ideas fence

 terraces ideas lawn stairs fountain

 Perennials and stone tiles

garden terrace design square tiles perennials

  Pool area and terrace

 pool design symmetrical borders walkways

Interesting path idea

 path patio design green plants fence bricks

White stepping stones in green grass

 path ideas stone slabs wooden pergola

  Wooden slats with gaps for the plants

garden wooden deck stools flowers

 Different zones and levels

wooden fence levels

 Climbing plants on the garden wall

garden design wall lawn bench

  Garden layout with boxwood hedges

 pictures boxwood hedges walkways

 small japanese design lawn rocks

modern idea wooden deck privacy fence

home patio landscaping stone deck stone fireplace

 landscape wooden pergola grape arbor hedge plants

 landscape design flower beds

 retaining walls stone walls garden path ideas

awesome garden design backyard landscape path wooden pergola








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