25 creative and easy wall decoration ideas

by Kremy

creative wall decoration ideas

If you’re watching the empty wall at home, and wonder what decoration would fit there – here you get these 25 creative and easy wall decoration ideas to help. They are easy to imitate and provide a cheap alternative.

beautiful DIY wall decoration toilet paper rolls


Paper roll play, in this case, an exceptional role – they are one of the most creative and yet most lightweight wall decoration ideas. You can leave them white or color them and thus create interesting designs and ornaments. Exciting and fairly simple decoration.

Muffin packaging wall design DIY

For a modern, super sleek and natural-looking interior you can collect Muffin – packaging and use them for the following wall decoration ideas – you can use the packaging as a decoration and decorate with coffee beans or small fruits – or simply choose colorful packaging – pink , white or what you like – and arrange them like flowers. This decoration idea is very affectionate and is also suitable for girls room.

Wallpaper collage living room wall decoration

Take a yogurt cup – and you can create an interesting wall decoration. Bit of wall paint on the edges and you can reach this balloon effect. Experiment with different colors and set accents. Create an unforgettable atmosphere by rosettes, hung on the wall instead of the ceiling. Collect all the wallpaper residue and make a wall collage of it or use picture frames to combine them together.

creative wall decoration ideas images photos

To craft these interesting images, you need interesting objects, which are used as shade. For example, you can use the idea of silhuettes. Cut figures from magazines and arrange them as shown on the photo below (photo with dog in two images).

geometric images simple shape ideas

If you have always dreamed of becoming a famous painter, you can now fulfill your dream – stick tape on a blank canvas – add tape and then the paint in bright colors. At the end you just have to remove the tape and you have a great modern creation! All you need to do is to buy the tape. More ideas, you can find below.

Tree leaves interesting DIY wall decoration ideas

Modern DIY wall silhouettes

Picture tissue creative wall design

Color pattern

Clothespin DIY pictures wall design

creative DIY ideas paper rolls

Rosette wall design idea

DIY Wrapping paper collage fresh wall decoration ideas

DIY Yogurt cup prints decoration ideas

World Map DIY decoration

wall living room multi colored picture

Potato prints ideas

Postcards decoration ideas living room

Pictures Stencil paint DIY wall ideas

interesting motifs idea

Image Template do it yourself

Color Tape DIY craft idea

creative decoration ideas flowers





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