Wooden garden gate – Planning and building instructions

by Kremy

Instructions wooden garden gate top arch split battens

Garden fences provide privacy, protect your yard from intruders and keep your children and pets inside. After you have built the your fence, it’s time to install your garden gate. You can choose any fence and gate design, but here we present as a simple blueprint for a wooden garden gate. The timber doors are easier to install when compared to those made ​​of metal.

wooden garden gate building laths assembly tutorial


– Build a framework for the wooden garden gate. 1/2-inch narrower than the gaps in the fence.
– Measure carefully and install the hinges. When the gates open to the outside, then mount the hinges on the outside. When the timber door opens inwards, then – on the inside.

wooden garden gate arch frame building instructions

– The force of gravity can not be denied, even if it comes to a simple wooden garden gate. A wrong hanging garden gate not only looks unattractive, but could damage the rest of the fence, by the weight of the pole to pull them down. Whether your gate is made ​​of metal or wood, it should be easy to adapt it, by adjusting the hinges or replacing the screws.

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