What are the most important benefits of honey that you need to know

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What are the most important benefits of honey

Honey is one of the most used natural products especially when it comes to home remedies since its incredible properties are greatly beneficial to the health. This is one of the most valued products since ancient times. This mixture of sugar, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids is very different from any other sweetener on the planet. Let’s have a look at the important benefits that you need to know!

honey has exceptional nutritional and healing properties


Honey is undoubtedly an ancient product that has won the hearts of many over time. People have been consuming honey for its flavor and used it for its antibacterial and antifungal properties since ancient times. Greeks, Romans and Egyptians knew and took advantage of the healing properties of honey.

benefits of honey for health skin and hair

In its basic composition, a tablespoon of honey contains approximately 64 calories and has no fat or cholesterol. It contains vitamins, traces of enzymes, amino acids and minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate and potassium. It helps reduce the growth of bacteria and has antioxidant properties that eliminate some free radicals. Honey is rich in fructose and although it should be consumed in moderation, it is much more beneficial than any other refined sugar.

Important benefits of honey

Honey is one of the best home remedies

Honey can be used in different ways – as a sweetener, in skin mask recipes, etc. In fact, it is perfect for repairing, moisturizing and treating split hair tips, in addition to providing extra shine and softness to the hair. As we know, honey has exceptional nutritional and healing properties and is an excellent source of totally natural energy with only 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. This unprocessed natural sugar (fructose and glucose) penetrates directly into the bloodstream and can provide us with energy quickly. The increase in blood sugar acts as a short-term source of energy, but it also provides us with strength to resist long-term physical exertion. Here are some of the most important benefits of honey.

honey is used as a natural cure and home remedy for cold

Antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties – Honey is a natural antibiotic that can act both internally and externally. It is commonly known to treat flu processes, sore throat and muscle pain. Eating a tablespoon of honey a day helps calm our body. It is an excellent remedy for headaches, dizziness, intestinal inflammation, anemia, etc. It is proven that honey is an effective topic to treat various infections, wounds, even burns. Honey releases hydrogen peroxide through an enzymatic process, which explains its general antiseptic qualities.

Honey helps control pollen allergies

Allergy treatment – Honey helps control pollen allergies due to the fact that it stimulates the immune system. It reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies and it is believed that honey acts as a “natural vaccine.” It is recommended to take one teaspoon of locally produced honey a day, starting a few months before the pollen season. Due to the fact that honey contains pollen spores collected by bees from local plants, a small amount of allergen is introduced into the body. In theory, this can activate our immune system and over time it can build up its natural immunity against the pollen. It is important to know, that honey from other places will not have the same effect.

Honey is a natural antibiotic that can act both internally and externally

Calms cough – for millennia honey is used as a natural cure for cold. It relieves irritation of the mouth or throat by forming a protective film. It also works as a dextromethorphan which is a common ingredient in cough medicines that soothes cough and sleep difficulties due to upper respiratory tract infections.

honey helps regulate blood sugar

Regulates blood sugar – Many people think that honey increases the levels of blood sugar, but the reality is that it regulates it due to the balance of fructose and glucose. The portion of fructose in honey allows glucose to be captured by the liver and it produces glycogen, which is available to the brain, heart, kidneys and red blood cells. In this way, glucose is eliminated from the circulation which reduces blood sugar levels and improves the functioning of essential organs.

hair care and dandruff treatment with honey

Treatment against dandruff – Honey diluted with a little warm water significantly improves seborrheic dermatitis, which is a condition that causes itching and dandruff. Apply honey diluted with 10% warm water in problem areas and leave it in contact for three hours before rinsing.

Honey can help reduce herpes symptoms

Honey can help reduce herpes symptoms. It extracts fluid from the wound, cleans it and reduces significantly the growth of microorganisms.

components of honey are beneficial to the nervous system

Honey reduces stress, anxiety and nervousness. Its components are beneficial to the nervous system. Due to its soothing properties, honey has a natural sedative effect and helps you sleep better.

Honey has a laxative and diuretic effect. It is recommended to have a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. This will help reduce bad cholesterol and in addition, prevent fat accumulation in the body.

honey is a common ingredient in many hair and skin care recipes

Honey is a natural cosmetic product. It is a common ingredient in many hair and skin care recipes for balms and masks. It can be used for homemade shampoos and natural soaps.

Let us summarize the most important benefits of honey:

  • Helps to increase the body’s immunity;
  • Prevents indigestion and may improve digestion;
  • Calcium helps our bones to be strong;
  • It has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, improves heart function, makes blood vessels more elastic, improves blood quality and strengthens the heart muscle;
  • For colds or viral infections, it contributes to the rapid recovery of a person, perfectly affects the respiratory system and has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • The large amount of iron helps prevent anemia;
  • It can be consumed by a person with diabetes;
  • Has an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial effect.

common ingredient in many hair and skin care recipes



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