Lathe by Sebastian Brajkovic – modern chair design with artistic flair

by Kremy

 artwork furniture design Lathe Chair I sebastian brajkovic

Sebastian Brajkovic is a young and incredibly talented designer whose bold work is impressive with the the mixture between modern technology and classic pieces of furniture and results in fantastic and artistic modern chair design. Lathe collection presents furniture pieces which look as if they have been stretched or extruded. As the creator explains, the inspiration came from one of Photoshop functions where you can pick a row of pixels and extend them as long as you want.

 Lathe – Classic style, computer technology and modern chair design

 artistic design furniture Lathe chairs collection


In Lathe collection Brajkovic takes classic pieces of furniture and with some help of modern computer technology conjures artistic and modern chair design yet keeping to the craftsmens’ traditional techniques. Lathe chairs are a combination of wood carving, bronze casting and hand embroidering with contemporary artistic look that you may even call futuristic. The desire of Brajkovic to create more space on a singular chair by “extruding” the seat’s surface area is fabulously performed while keeping the functionality and practicality of a chair.

Creativity, form and composition in modern chair design

 Lathe by Sebastian Brajkovic modern chair design artistic vision

The chairs from the Lathe collection are spectacular with their antique forms and unmistakable contemporary appearance. It is quite clear why the collection is called Lathe – the rotating effect is eye-catching as if milk is stirred into a cup of coffee. The process of de-constructing historical pieces of furniture and turning them into a modern chair design results in innovative vision which is highly appreciated and some of the pieces have become a part of the permanent collections of Victoria and Albert Museum and New York’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) museum.

Sebastian Brajkovic modern chair traditional furniture

 The concept pays a tribute to traditional techniques

Sebastian Brajkovic Lathe traditional embroidery modern


 The “extruded” design, inspired by modern technology

Lathe chairs collection modern technology chair artistic approach

A detail of the embroidery

Sebastian Brajkovic lathe chairs design detail

A classic form with modern vision

 Lathe by Sebastian Brajkovic modern chair design artistic appearance

Combination of wood carving, bronze casting and hand embroidering

contemporary design traditional classic furniture Lathe chairs

lathe chairs collection embroidery detail

creative furniture traditional techniques Lathe collection

Lathe by Sebastian Brajkovic innovatiove approach modern chair

Lathe by Sebastian Brajkovic classic forms modern chair

modern furniture ideas Lathe chairs collection Sebastian Brajkovic



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