Minimalist interior design in modern homes

by Kremy

minimalist retangular white sofa white walls

The principles of minimalist interior design are based on the cult phrase “Less is more”.

modern home interiors minimalist design ideas color options


Spacious rooms with minimum of furniture and details and attention focused on shape, color and texture – this is what defines minimalism from other design styles.

polished concrete floor minimalist design ideas minimalist interiors

Minimalism is based on the classic Japanese design and uses simple and natural forms.

Basic colors in minimalist interior design

minimalist interiors contemporary kitchen design white furniture

White is the classic and perfect color for minimalist interior design concepts.

principles colors furniture design accents accessories

It still remains the main color for modern minimalist interiors but with the development of the design style, other colors have become popular and we often see neutral colors like beige and gray on the walls, floors and furniture. Concrete walls are also quite popular.

modern minimalist living room interior design white furniture walls

However, this does not mean a multi-colored decor. Color accents in black or red are the most typical, but of course it all depends on the overall concept and the personal taste of the homeowner.

minimalist home minimalist bathroom interior wood floor

Whatever your choice is, limit it to only one accent color. Remember that minimalism is about simplicity, sophistication and beauty.

 Furniture and accessories in minimalist interior design

minimalist interiors white walls white furniture beige rug

There are people who believe that minimalist interior design ideas have no personality, but that is not true. The whole concept is about using unique finishes the highest quality materials which add individuality to the room.

 white kitchen furniture

Straight lines, strict geometry, shiny surfaces – these are the characteristics of the furniture typical for the minimalist interior design.

 living room ideas low seating furniture

The leading principle of shape prevailing over purpose dictates the neutral colors of the furniture, the textures, upholstery materials, etc.

awesome minimalist bedroom design freestanding tub white bed

Homes with minimalist interiors look uncluttered, clean and pristine with furniture pieces reduced to the absolute minimum.

stylish interiors minimalist apartment design white minimalist interior

Very often finishes and details are made of stainless steel or chrome to add an extra contemporary appearance.

 principles rules ideas

As far as home accessories in minimalist interiors, they are none or minimal.

open space dining room furniture

Large wall paintings, modern sculptures – those are the usual decorations in a minimalist home.

 minimalist kitchen dining room interior design black white colors

minimalist interior ideas modern home design minimalist kitchen

 dining room furniture white table benches

minimalist bathrooms furniture straight lines simple shapes

gray-concrete walls minimalist kitchen ideas




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