Halloween acrylic nails – the best Halloween nail art ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva


Halloween acrylic nails are a nice way to add to your Halloween makeup and costume. Nail art is getting more and more popular and we see many original and interesting ideas for various occasions – from weddings to Christmas – nail art offers creative ways to add to the spirit of the day. Halloween has inspired some amazing nail art ideas and we have selected some of the most impressive ones to get you ready for this years’ night of parties.


Halloween acrylic nails – choosing the color and the theme


Halloween has its traditional colors – orange, black, purple, green – and traditional symbols like bats, witches, pumpkin, skulls and ghosts. There are many activities for Halloween – from trick or treating, costume parties, visiting haunted houses, jokes, reading scary stories or watching horror films. One of the latest trends is fashionable nail art which respects the mood of the holiday. Halloween acrylic nails feature numerous patterns – mummies, ghosts, vampires, skulls, spider webs, spiders, bats, black cats, horrific bloody nails, pumpkins, etc. Nails painted to look like zombie claws, 3D Halloween nail art, tiny renderings of horror movie villains – there are so many options to choose from.


How to choose the pattern for your acrylic nails? There are two main styles of Halloween nail art – you can go the spooky, scary way or opt for cute funny designs. You can match your nails with the color theme of your costume or make up. Bright red or black nails will suit a vampire costume and make up for example, while orange color can complement any non scary Halloween costume. Of course, this is entirely a personal choice, but you could choose a nail art pattern that you especially like and build your costume and make up idea based on the particular Halloween acrylic nails that you chose.


Halloween acrylic nails – traditional symbols and original designs



Halloween acrylic nails look really cute with the classic symbols –pumpkin, bats, pointed hats, spiders. You can apply a pumpkin image on every nail or choose a different symbol and have a variety of cool patterns. As a background you can choose different variations: stripes, glitter, gradient transition, and so on.


Manicure with cobwebs and spiders are easy to make. All you need is a thin brush. You can draw a cobweb on the whole nail or in a corner of the nail. Black and white, orange and black are suitable color combinations for this pattern.


Halloween acrylic nails with bats – bats can be combined with other symbols as full moon or a skeleton. Again, black and white or orange and black colors are the best choice to create a contrast between the basic color and the Halloween themed symbols.


Spooky nail art with skulls, skeletons and zombie themed images


Another classic pattern for Halloween acrylic nails are skulls, skeletons, bones and blood. Traditionally the color combination is a white skull on a black background, but this rule can be broken and any contrasting color combination can be used. White background with red accents looking like blood splashes is another cool pattern. For lovers of minimalism Halloween nail art can be simply in black or red.






Halloween acrylic nails ideas black white red






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