50 Halloween make-up ideas for men and women

Written by Kremena Ruseva

These beautiful and creative Halloween makeup ideas are a hot makeup trend. We have put men and women selected make-up suggestions for Halloween. Trends in Women's Halloween make-up were influenced by the cinema and the fashion podium.

Halloween make up ideas men women DIY easy halloween make up

The screen has also influenced the trends for men make-up ideas. Check out the most famous and most used makeup ideas for Halloween and get inspired for the upcoming Halloween party.

Halloween make-up Ideas For Women - The Sugar Skull make-up

sugar skull makeup ideas halloween Makeup women

40 Ideas for Halloween Costumes and make-up inspired by celebrities

This trend in Halloween make-up was taken from the runway used last year by some of the greatest designers in the fashion industry, this type of make-up is something you want in your collections. The Halloween make-up ideas with Sugar Skulls are not only extremely creative but also suitable for the spooky occasion. The Sugar Skulls are a traditional element in Mexico, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in early November.

Halloween make up ideas men women trendy halloween makeup

 Original Halloween costume and make up

Halloween make up ideas men women cool halloween costume ideas

 DIY Witch make up idea

Halloween make up ideas witch face makeup ideas

Sugar Skull make-up with deco jewelery in black and white

sugar skull halloween Make up ideas women 3

Sugar skull with spider web elements

cobweb elements halloween

Idea for colorful Sugar Skull make-up

de los muertos halloween women

Use flowers as make-up items

floral elements halloween make-up deas women

Halloween Make-up Ideas for Women with pop art elements

points makeup ideas halloween Makeup women

Last year's Halloween makeup ideas were strongly influenced by the art. The pop art culture has made its comeback, not only in makeup but also in fashion and interior design. Therefore, some of the best Halloween makeup ideas are created exactly in this style. Typical for this type of makeup are the bright colors, the strong contours, and points. This idea is particularly inspiring for fans of comic books and scary Halloween costume for women.

Pop Art Halloween Make-up inspired by the comic books

popart style halloween

Linear design with red dots

popart makeup ideas halloween Makeup women

Pop art in its purest form

comic makeup ideas halloween make-up women

Pop Art Make-up combined with yellow hair

gorgeous pop art yellow hair halloween make-up

An inspiration for Halloween makeup ideas from the big screen

For decades film has influenced Halloween makeup ideas and trends in general. The film "Black Swan" has not only impressed with the script and acting, but also with costumes and make-up. The main character of Natalie Portman became the inspiration for the upcoming Halloween celebration and many have copied the unique style from the film. This very elegant, but also somehow creepy make-up idea is particularly suitable for Halloween women's make-up.

Make-up ideas of "Black Swan" inspired

black swan Make-up

Black Swan make-up with a crown and veil

head crown halloween make-up

Imitate a doll face for Halloween

doll make-up halloween idea

This trend is inspired by the Japanese anime and is an exaggeration of the elements of the human face. The eyes are painted as big and round and the mouth too small. This makeup trend is a real inspiration for manga fans on Halloween. This doll's face is somewhat reminiscent of the Twiggy fashion in the 60's, when the effect of the eye enlargement was also used by the make-up industry.

Faces dolls inspired by the anime

doll Make-up men

Halloween make-up in the Japanese manga style

doll halloween anime

Reference to the Twiggy Fashion in the 60s

japan anime emery

Women's make-up for Halloween - "Saw" inspired

saw makeup ideas

Creepy make-up with orange accents

orange accents halloween Makeup

Creative Halloween Make-up

elements ideas Make-up women

Imitate Leo Print

leo prints halloween

Zombie make-up

living dead make-up

Send Make-up Ideas for The Bride of Frankenstein

frankenstein bride

A make-up around the eyes mask Batman

batman eye mask makeup

Mime make-up

mime makeup ideas

"Alice in Wonderland" as a makeup inspiration

alice wonderland halloween makeup

halloween make up ideas for women non scary costumes

 make up ideas for women creative eye makeup ideas

easy halloween make up ideas for women black color

 make up ideas for women tim burton corpse bride

Halloween make-up Ideas for Men

The Halloween makeup ideas for men are not as diverse as those for women but can be just as original and interesting. Scary costume ideas for men are Particularly popular and easy were the skull make-up ideas. Some of the best Halloween dress-ups have implemented "skull" elements. The movies have also influenced men's dress uptrends. The film character of the Joker from the last Batman series was the most popular makeup trend for men.

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