Top 40 funniest Halloween costumes for couples, children and animals

by Kremy

Red Riding Hood Wolf funny kids Halloween costumes ideas

Halloween is a festival where no costume looks too bizarre, silly or funny. Almost no – because here are the 40 funniest and at the same time funniest Halloween costumes. Who said that Halloween costumes for children must necessarily look creepy or traditional? This partly sweet, partly comical costumes provide original ideas for all who would like to try out new ideas for the carnival. For babies, or toddlers, for siblings or more children from the nursery – original costume combinations are creative minds have come up with. The minions are a hot costume for kids and you should check out the purple minion costume for kids ideas kids minecraft costume ideas as well.

funniest costumes children little pig costume


funniest Halloween costumes children children costumes

Funny Quartet

Funny Costumes Toddlers Halloween Carnival 3

For small babies at the crawling stage

Baby Penguin funny costume ideas Toddler


Great costumes? The lobster – Sebastian and the chef  from Little Mermaid

Funny Costumes Toddler Baby Chef Cook Lobster

Escape from the mouse trap? 

Childrens Costumes Costumes Mouse Trap

For kindergarten – Painter and Picture

 Kindergarten celebration Funny Costumes painter picture

Bacon and fried egg

Halloween Costumes fried egg bacon

Toothbrush and KFC founder

Original Costumes Childrens KFC founder Toothbrush tooth

Unemployed superheroes

Funny Costumes superhero unemployed

Siblings Costumes ideas cop

funniest costumes toddlers sulley

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Robot Dog Costume extraordinary idea

The Lion from Dorothy of Oz

Dog lion costume design Halloween

little Fairy

Dog Fairy Costume Carnival Halloween Disguise

sweet Bee

Pomeran Baby Sweet Bee Costume Idea Halloween

Dog with three heads

Dog three heads sweet costume


Dinosaur Dog costume cool idea Halloween

Fearless Pirate

Pirate Hamster Halloween Pet costumes ideas

Prisoner and policeman

Dog cat funny idea Halloween Cop prisoner

Cat with makeup 

Skeletton cat make up creepy idea animal

A man wearing Grumpy cat make-up 

bizarre Halloween makeup Ideas cat man 20

Yes, the animals may be pleased / or not so much / – here are some cute and fun ideas for dogs. Pirate, Robot, a fairy or the dog from Harry Potter are a traditional choice, but bees, lions and dinosaurs are a surprising addition. Some have even painted the cat with a lots of enthusiasm.

ideas for the whole family

funniest bank robbers

Star wars costumes

Family even make Star Wars Theme

The Adams Family – the baby outfit  is super cute

Adams Family Ideas

The Flinstones – reversed roles

Flintstone family fun Halloween ideas couples

Costumes for the whole family

Family Poseidon

The Simpsons Family

Halloween party family Simpson Costumes Ideas

Alice in Wonderland 

Alice Wonderland family Costumes Design Ideas

I-pods for the whole class

Halloween Class Disguise I pods creative unique ideas

101 Dalmatians football team 

Football Team 101 Dalmatians costumes Halloween make up

Whether for the whole family, or for the whole class, even the whole football team – with a bit of creativity you can come up with something sweet and suitable. Four friends have, for example, dressed as the Flinstone family – only Wilma and Betty are the men and the women-Fred and Barnie. Whether the Simpsons, or the heroes of Alice in Wonderland, whether Poseidon and his family, or 101 Dalmatians – the possibilities are endless. Creative class has dressed up as … I-pods.

weird or fanciful?

Cool Ideas painting pictures

Comic Costume – Missing Person – picture on the milk packaging

Halloween Costume missing person dairy pack

Women looking for lost dog … We did not find him

funny original dog woman

Ken and Barbie

Ken Barbie dolls Funny Halloween ideas

Soap and bath sponge

soap sponge shower

Cool idea from video game

Ideas Funny Costumes couples halloween

Che Guevara shirt

bizarre Che Guevara shirt cardboard

unusual make-up

Halloween Make back tattoo makeup tips

  River hog – Lip idea

funny Eyeshadow Hippo Mouth Halloween

Unicorn – Mask

Unicorn Mask halloween Ideas funny unusual




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