Halloween cocktails – surprise your guests with ominous drinks

by Kremy

smoking Halloween cocktails spooky drinks ideas

Halloween cocktails are fashionable, creative and will be a hit at your party. The dark holiday is not just about creepy costumes. No party will be a true success without terrible food and drinks – eyes pinned on bones, brains in a dish, a deadly glow in the dark glasses with drinks the color of blood or swamp gas – get creative and add to the holiday mood with some spectacular cocktails.

Ominous Halloween cocktails

how to decorate halloween cocktails


If you wanted your party to have the dark Gothic atmosphere, you do not need to run to a craft store or serve complicated dishes and drinks. There are lots of tricks and little things that help turn an ordinary drink into something unimaginably dreadful. For example, an ornament for a cocktail in the form of bloody eyes look pretty scary. We have gathered a collection of the most popular Halloween cocktails to inspire you for your one of a kind party!

 Eerie Halloween Cocktails with dry ice

Spectacular Halloween cocktails with dry ice halloween party ideas

The secret ingredient for bubbling and smoking Halloween cocktails is dry ice. You need to handle it with care as it is extremely cold and may damage your skin. You need to use tongs to place it in the drinks and keep it away from children.

Halloween drinks party

The Bloody Stiletto

 Mix St. Germain, Absolut vodka, pomegranate juice and sparkling wine. Add ice cubes.

party drinks the bloody stiletto cocktail recipe


Red Spicy Devil

Cranberry Juice, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Tabasco

party drinks red spicy devil

 Candy corn martini

Candy corn (crushed for garnish), vodka, orange juice, amaretto, milk, club soda

party drinks cocktails Candy corn martini recipe

Midnight Mary

Gin, or tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, pinch of salt

drinks midnight mary cocktails dry ice

Zombie cocktail

Apricot brandy, light rum, dark or Jamaican rum, lime juice, grenadine, orange juice, Bacardi

Zombie recipe party drinks

 Wicked Coco

Fireball Whisky, milk, hot chocolate powder, ground cinnamon, whipped cream

recipes Wicked Coco

Vampire kiss Martini

Vodka, strawberry syrup, plastic vampire teeth to garnish

recipes decoration Vampire Martini

Black Widow

Cream de Cassis, Vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, Pomegranate juice, licorice strings

black widow recipe party drinks

Black Devil Martini

dark rum, dry vermouth, black olive, orange sugar

recipes Black Devil Martini

 Black Magic Martini

Vanilla Vodka, Patron XO, maraschino cherry, dry ice

black magic martini recipes

Berry Scary Martini

Black vodka, Cherry juice, Fresh berries

Berry Scary Martini recipes

Aperitif decoration ideas

Blood in blood out bubbling


with dry ice party drinks

Cool Witch Cocktail recipe

recipes Vampire kiss party

Cool recipes The ghost recipe

dry ice martini drinksrecipes



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