Halloween props – the unforgettable scary decorations

Halloween decoration ideas Halloween props ghosts graveyard

Halloween props and decorations set the mood for your holiday decor or party. They can be anything from a spooky ghost to a monstrous creature and can be used both outdoor or indoors. No proper haunted house or party is complete without an assortment of spooky Halloween props. With the right selection and some creative decorating ideas it is more than certain that you will have the spookiest and scariest of parties.

Halloween props add to the atmosphere of your home

Halloween props home decorating ideas skeletons

The scary decoration begins with the yard. Why not have the spookiest yard in the whole neighborhood. A good All Hallows’ Eve party would not be the same without the right frightening decor and the Halloween props, arranged in the yard will add some real fun scare and extra creepy feel. Halloween props and decorations are offered in a wide variety of types and sizes – full sized horrible creatures, coffins, ghosts, witches, gravestones – and you can place them around the yard in such a way so that it will look like a Hollywood movie set. Some of the creepy devices are motion activated or you can add lighting effects and your decoration would be really unforgettable. Adding a fog machine will be the final creepy touch!

All-time favorite Halloween props

party decorating props witch cauldron

Despite the wide variety of creepy and scary designs, some Halloween props have never lost their popularity as they are symbolic to the holiday. The evil witch and the bubbling cauldron are one of the most popular scary items and they are loved by kids and adults. For a better effect you can place some LED lights and dry ice and you will have the real spooky feel and frightening mist. Stretchable spiderwebs are perfect for decoration not only for the yard, but for the indoor as well. Stretched over mirrors, chandeliers, tables and windows, they create the eerie atmosphere of a haunted house. Fake blood, plastic skeletons, mummies, zombies – what is your Halloween theme this year?

Spookyyard decoration props

 A monstrous evil creature as a scary decoration for the yard

scary monster

 DIY Halloween props – a creepy skull ghost

Cool outdoor decoration ideas skeleton ghost chain

 An idea for the party decoration- scary zombie clown

horror yard decoration zombie clown

 A creepy welcome for your visitors

house decorations outdoor decorating spider skull

The gravestones will add a creepy and spooky feel to your front yard

garden decorationghosts gravestones

Front door decoration idea with mummies

decorating front door mummies

Creative home decoration with Halloween props

front door decoration arch skulls

The bubbling witch’s cauldron is an all time favorite prop

yard decorating ideas witch bubbling cauldron

The morbid atmosphere, enhanced with gravestones and red LED lights

easy cool decorating gravestones eyeballs

halloween yard decorating creepy hand eyeball

creative scary decorating LED lights

haunted tree creative

yard decorating

cool party decor

halloween garden decorating flying witch

decorations outdoor spider web

front yard decorationshaunted cemetery LED lights

Cool outdoor decorating spooky skeleton ghost

decorations garden decoration


decorating witch spellbook

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